Eleven Games Leaving PlayStation Plus Catalog in January 2023

Sony has revealed via the PlayStation Store that 11 titles will soon be leaving the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium catalog.

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Profchaos344d ago

Meh they won't be missed

Seasons After Fall
Bound By Flame
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom
Masters of Anima
The Council Complete Season
Electronic Super Joy
Jumjet Rex
Leo’s Fortune HD Edition
Enigmatis: The Ghost of Maple Creek
Space Hulk: Tactics
The Last Tinker: City of Colors

shinoff2183344d ago

I never did get to try out space hulk tactics but it's fairly cheap now.

crazyCoconuts344d ago

AC Valhalla just got yanked today and I just got to the end within 5 minutes of it disabling. They don't mess around...a few warnings and BAM, game closes. I wonder if they'll get another showcase title soon- ACV was their highest profile 3rd party game imo

shinoff2183344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Glad you atleast got that end in. I'd personally like to argue with you about it but You might be right about being the highest profile game. AC games aren't really my thing but I can see why some like them.

Profchaos344d ago

I didn't know that was getting removed feels like we only had it for 2 months and ubi was working on some big Uplay PlayStation deal with all their hands being on it basically

Hofstaderman344d ago

That’s why I remain a supporter of physical copies. I have Extra but all the games I really look forward to I buy in case of this.

crazyCoconuts343d ago

@hoff I agree, and you can sell the physical back if you want to recoup costs. I went in for extra due to getting a good deal but I really don't like having this unpredictable schedule drive when and what I play

jeromeface343d ago

looks like @hofstaderman is their favorite kinda customer

blackblades343d ago

Eh that shyt is $11 at Wal-Mart along with cyberpunk. I can easily buy them and keep for life.

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Orchard344d ago

Nothing to worry about there, pretty lackluster games being removed.

Viryu344d ago

The Council was enjoyable if you're into that type of adventure games.

andron344d ago

Yeah good game, got to plat it.

Tzuno344d ago

The house is more clean when you take the garbage out

andron343d ago

Hm junmpjet rex isn't on the European store.

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srp43123m ago

Looks like a great list. Glad I have Ultimate Game Pass

thesoftware73017m ago(Edited 16m ago)

Some excellent games in there!

On top of today's Remnant 1 & 2 drops! and I'm still playing DS: Remake!

GP is F'ing great!


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ROCKY281d 2h ago

Ubi is soft and there executive group is trash

BeHunted22h ago

This has nothing to do with Ubisoft

shadowknight2031d 2h ago

The percentage is lower compared to recent layoffs we been hearing. But still 265 jobs is quite a number.