Windows 7 in 2009?

As Microsoft releases various betas of Windows 7 and new betas get leaked weekly, it looks increasingly like we'll see Windows 7 in 2009. The question for this blogger is, should Windows 7 make its way into Ed Tech in 2009? The answer, in the spirit of 2009 predictions and resolutions, is no, for a heck of a lot of reasons.

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Bob Dole4209d ago

Bob Dole will stick to Windows XP, thank you!

JsonHenry4209d ago

The beta I tried out seems like it will be decent enough. But not decent enough for me to pay $200 for it when Vista is just now solid enough to use.

Kevin McCallister4209d ago

So people who actually pay for their Windows OS's actually exist in the real world? I thought they were a myth.

kwyjibo4209d ago

The bulk of OS sales are to OEMs and enterprise licenses. Trying to buy a laptop/system without Windows installed is a b*tch.

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Theoneneo814209d ago

Another Rushed out OS =epic Fail again for MS

Sircolby454209d ago

Apparently you missed all of the reviews stating Windows 7 is already an excellent and stable OS and the beta process has barely begun. Yah really sounds like they are on their way to "epic fail."

Kakkoii4209d ago

It's not rushed out in any shape or form. Because it is Vista, but much more improved/optimized.

Vista is the rushed out form of Windows 7. Windows 7 is completely stable already in it's beta form, and runs as fast as a new install of XP even.

incogneato4209d ago

gayest article ever. all he does is talk about other operating systems.

stop approving trash like this. this isnt news, this is just some random dorks opinion on a blog.

pippoppow4209d ago

All they want to do is rush out products which wind up being defective. They should take their time and release a high quality product finally. When will they learn their lessons?!

Kakkoii4209d ago

Wow, is your brain the size of a wallnut?

Sorry, your post just sounded so stupid. Your talking as if Windows 7 is a whole new OS that was created in 3 years.

It is not a whole new freaking OS. It has been in the making since Vista was in the making.. because it is Vista! It's just been improved on and heavily optimized. And the results are great.

Microsoft did learn their lesson. Instead of just letting Vista be, they heard the complaints and worked on creating a upgraded version that was much better, instead of making people wait 7 years for a whole new OS.

This is basically Vista 2.0: What should have been.

HDgamer4209d ago

I won't use this unless its pretty much like xp but a lot more stable than vista. As a former vista owner I feel that vista just has so many complications. I use my pc for a lot of things, downgrading back to xp was a better choice.

incogneato4209d ago

you dont know what youre talking about. XP is obsolete trash compared to Vista. if you have an ancient computer, then i could see your point. otherwise, Vista is leaps and bounds above XP.

kwyjibo4209d ago

"you dont know what youre talking about"

Obsolete my ass, what does Vista do that XP doesn't for an average home or business user? XP is faster, uses less resources, and has better software/driver support.

The only benefit I would gain, is to make use of some shiny DirectX 10 effects that my card can do.

I have not installed Vista on my laptop either, because it adds nothing that I want, and will shorten my battery life. Note that I have a free legit copy of Vista with MSDN.

Kakkoii4209d ago

He's talking about Vista's layout. Not it's framework and how it operates.

Vista made it's file explorer a serious cluster f*ck. Why fix something that isn't broken? People don't like big changes to the way they operate their OS.

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The story is too old to be commented.