Forspoken HDR Will Be Fixed In The Full Game According To Devs

Forspoken had received an early access demo on the PS5. This demo had issues with HDR settings but that might be fixed in the full game.

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boing189d ago

Will the game be fixed in the full game as well?

Limitedtimestruggle89d ago

The demo was enough to confirm the gut feeling I had from the get-go, I won't be buying this. It's nice of them to fix the HDR stuff, looked pretty terrible in the demo.

curtain_swoosh89d ago

i mean the game has issues, but graphics or how it looks is definitely not one of them

Limitedtimestruggle89d ago

The HDR was terrible (as mentioned) , and the open-world was kind of bland and not intereseting. I loved the different particle effects during combat though, that looked really cool! But I did not like the actual combat and the demo did nothing to make me want to explore this world at wall. It's a hard pass for me.

Sgt_Slaughter88d ago

The graphics are a problem, there was a huge downgrade from reveal to demo. They tried to bait and switch just like Ubisoft likes to do.

Tzuno89d ago

we know, these days... game testing is done on players that all-ready paid for a game, disrespectful when you charge full price for a broken or incomplete product

myfathersbastard89d ago

It sad when they say something from a demo will be fixed in the final version. It’s a demo, it should have all been running at 100%. That’s your first impression. Doesn’t leave me with a lot of hope.
I was thinking of getting this game, then I tried the demo. Wasn’t a fan of the combat and it didn’t look great. Now it’s relegated to my “wait for a deep sale” catagory.