The Loadout’s Game of the Year 2022 nominees: Gotham Knights

WB Games Montréal RPG bonanza Gotham Knights is one of the finest Batman stories to exist and deserves to be in The Loadout's GOTY discussion.

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shinoff218390d ago

This is not an rpg. So annoyed by seeing all these action games labeled rpgs these days.

CrimsonWing6989d ago

How is it not an RPG?

You level up through experience points from battles, you have literal side quests, you get gear that you can customize and upgrade.

What is it missing that doesn’t make it an RPG?

Inverno89d ago

Probably the part where you actually role play as a character you create rather than play the story of a character that already exists. RPG mechanics doesn't make a game an RPG, if it did then every game over the last gen is technically an RPG.

Christopher89d ago

@Inverno That's not required for an RPG. Otherwise, most RPGs out of Japan aren't RPGs.

RPG mechanics definitely do make a game an RPG.

People need to stop trying to gatekeep meanings.

CrimsonWing6989d ago


Yea, @Christopher pointed out, by your point-of-view games like Persona 5 and Final Fantasy wouldn’t be RPGs.

Gotham Knights is very much an action RPG.

shinoff218389d ago (Edited 89d ago )


Its not a gatekeeping thing its just not an rpg

shinoff218389d ago

If this is an rpg then we can just classify every game as an rpg these days and 100s from the past that werent rppgs back then either. Putting in a couple rpg mechanics doesnt make it an rpg. Its an action , beat em up at most. Also your post below, I havent played it cause Im not a fan of the look but persona 5 isnt it turn based? What wouldnt make persona 5 an rpg. Dont get me started on FF. Like I said with this labeled an rpg just about 75 80 percent of games can be considered rpg with that thinking. Im not beating the game up or anything like that I love the batman games havent tried this yet, but I just dont believe this is an rpg.

Christopher89d ago

***If this is an rpg then we can just classify every game as an rpg these days and 100s from the past that werent rppgs back then either.***

Tons of games can be classified as RPG, it's just that typically something is more at the forefront. It doesn't make it "not an RPG" just more of a focus.

I'd put GK at Action game first. So, I agree it's not an RPG first. But it definitely is also an RPG.

That's kind of how gaming works now, we've blended everything so it encompasses more than just one genre of gaming now. RPGs are also shooters, shooters are platformers, and so on. We should embrace the mixed pot of games we get, not try and define them by just one thing. IMHO, of course.

CrimsonWing6989d ago (Edited 89d ago )

@shinoff2183 and really anybody arguing against this…

I hate to be this guy, but Geezus it blows my mind how much people think they know what they’re talking about and argue against people who do, but here:


That’s the official site for the damn game, which says, and I quote:

“ Gotham Knights is an open-world, action RPG set in the most dynamic and interactive Gotham City yet. In either solo-play or with one other hero, patrol Gotham’s five distinct boroughs and drop in on criminal activity wherever you find it.”

I’m an RPG gamer, it’s just sort of my thing, and yea, I tend to prefer turn-based JRPGs of the yesteryears to the modern stuff, but being turn-based doesn’t define being an RPG. You have action RPGs ala Souls games, Mass Effect, Witcher, AND Gotham Knights, etc.

You also have turn-based stuff like Persona 5 and Squaresoft games on the SNES and PS1, which you role play as an established character that you did NOT create.

So, yea, Gotham Knights is an action RPG, I don’t know what else to say 🤷‍♂️

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CrimsonWing6989d ago

I get that you haven’t played it and are assuming it’s like the Arkham series.

But It’s an RPG according to the developers and people who have played it.

X-2389d ago

Gotham Knights is about as much as an RPG as Far Cry 6 is.
Skill Unlocks and Character Progression don't suddenly shift your genre into RPG.

CrimsonWing6989d ago

What about if the developer says it is and designed it as such?