411mania: Crash Commando (PS3) Review

PSN has had its fair share of bad titles as well as good. Where PSN lacks is great original PSN titles. Crash Commando is one of these titles. With its fast paced game play, jetpacks great selection of weapons, smart bots, and vehicles. Make this a great buy.

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Dark_Overlord4203d ago

Is this guy serious? The best part about the PSN are the original titles e.g

Linger In Shadows
Pixeljunk Series
Calling All Cars
Fat Princess (When its available)


Forbidden_Darkness4203d ago

Yeah exactly what i was thinking!

You forgot Echochrome though

Dark_Overlord4203d ago

There are that many original games I can't remember them all

Forbidden_Darkness4203d ago

No great original titles? So i guess PixleJunk Monsters, PixleJunk Eden, Echochrome dont exist?