CD Projekt Red Has Released a Hotfix for the Witcher 3 Next-Gen

CD Projekt Red has released a hotfix for Witcher 3 Next-Gen. CDPR says the update will improve overall stability and performance.

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MajorLazer546d ago (Edited 546d ago )

Hope they fix raytracing mode. I always use quality mode on PS5 games because a solid 30 is alright for me, however TW3 just feels so choppy that I cannot for even a few seconds.

Edit: PC only so that sucks. Performance mode it is.

Sonic1881546d ago

I've always played The Witcher on PC it's just a better experience

MajorLazer546d ago

Of course. Modding is a rabbit-hole I used to love going down for the 3D era GTA games and I've heard of some really cool stuff for TW3.

z2g546d ago

yeah the updates are weird too when comparing series x and ps5. apparently it runs higher res on series x but draw distance is greater on ps5. the series x runs better in RT (quality) but not by much and performance mode seems to run slightly better on ps5. Not saying this to troll consoles but more so to illustrate that the problems on both consoles seem like they should be able to resolve in that each console does something better than the other... seems it could just be evened out on both systems.

CobraKai546d ago

I prefer graphical fidelity over frame rate and it’s kinda sucky that they haven’t locked down the 30 fps. I know RT can be taxing, but this is a 7 year old game.

ChubbyBlade546d ago

And Portal with Ray Tracing is the most demanding game period. Age means nothing.

Espangerish546d ago

With the pc version in cities I can’t get 60fps with raytracing even with gpu utilisation in the 60% mark. Presumably this is CPU bound. I have a 5800x3d so no slouch either.

I see upgrades looming in my future.

IanTH546d ago

It is fully CPU bound. Some of it is due to improvements to the base game - more NPCs, longer draw distances, etc - but the DX12 implementation doesn't appear to be well done. Threads are going underutilized and starving the GPU, especially with RT on (even just RTGI). It isn't as good at distributing the load as even CP2077 is, so something seems amiss.

Which feels a bit odd, doesn't it? That this supports DLSS 3, which excels in CPU bound scenarios, and this game update seems tailor made to showcase that. You can't even run the game with just the console level settings on and get the same performance, so the fact it's just PC that's this bound does have me (lightly) reaching for that tin foil.

Hopefully they get their ducks in a row in short order. In the meantime, the DX11 versions shares many of the upgrades (sans RT) and runs considerably better. Will likely use that until CDPR gets their house in order.

Tapani546d ago (Edited 546d ago )

Turn off RT and you can enjoy a locked 60fps with great details. Sure, the lighting isn't perfect, but it's better than the original and the SSR, foliage, textures, higher npc count and draw distance already are a great upgrade. Overall, really, just turn off RT and lock the FPS and enjoy any game rather than get stuck into thinking with what settings can you run the game with RT on, or tuning the RT settings. Sucks the fun out of gaming. And gaming is supposed to be fun!

Wintersun616546d ago (Edited 546d ago )

Did they finally remove the vignette effect from PS5 version, or give the option to disable it? I can't continue playing before they do.

Edit: "will only be available on PC." Guess not, reminder for myself to read the article before commenting. Oh well I'll just play GoW Ragnarök again until they fix that shit.

mastershredder546d ago

Pffftt.... CDPR and their update to fix strategy. Seriously, they promise polish and and splendor and you get chump change next-gen updates. So much attention to detail ... I mean announcements.

MeatyUrologist546d ago

Anyone else having issues updating on ps5? When I check for updates on the game on main screen is says an uodate available in downloads, but when I go to downloads there is nothing there. I also had an issue trying to install my expansions because I didn't have the special edition.

fffaustyyy546d ago

Yup, that's happening to me, as well. Plus, I own the PS4 disc version, so it constantly downloads the PS4 file, even though I already installed the PS5 version and have been using it.
And I had that same issue downloading everything (expansions and DLC) individually before I got the entirety of my game to work.

MeatyUrologist546d ago

Yeah that sucks sony still hasn't fixed that bug. My ps5 constantly downloads the cyberpunk ps4 and ps5 versions and a few other cross gen games as well. Frustrating...

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