Diehard GameFAN: 2008 Year in Review

Hey everyone! Diehard GameFAN is hoping your 2009 is off to a great start! On this, the first day of the new year, members of their staff have decided to take a look back at their favorite games from 2008. They are giving their due props to the best of 2008.

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jammy_704200d ago

look at shawns top 10...he isnt a 360 fanboy is

why are fools like this allowed on any site at all...

Lucario4200d ago

Because Patapon and the Warhammer MMORPG are 360 games? And there's a whopping TWO 360 exclusives on there? I have to admit, if anyone is showing a "fanboy" trait, it would be you by attacking someone's opinion without reading and insinuating that your opinion is better than anyone elses. Not cool.

Not only is your comment erroneous but it's not Gamer Zone appropriate.

Personally *I* liked seeing all the different opinions. It shows a diverse cast of writers rather than a site coming together to do the usual "All hail GTA IV! All hail MGSIV!" There were a lot of underappreciated games in those lists and its nice to see them get SOME recognition, even if it's from a smaller site.

Graphics Whore4200d ago

erroneous opinions almost falsified and disguised as legitimate opinions fail to make me second guess my beliefs in what I considered right, I mean these lists are meant to provoke you into thinking who's right and where you can compromise but this list is literally failure from when I touched my mouse wheel till when I scrolled down, it's not appreciating the under appreciated it's "I'm a less than casual gamer running a website."

One of the writers presents his findings as Top 10 and finds 5 lmao.

Lucario4200d ago

There's no such thing as an erroneous opinion. An opinion is simply a point of view or personal choice. The mere fact you would write anything akin to "erroneous opinions almost falsified and disguised as legitimate opinions fail to make me second guess my beliefs in what I considered right" means that you fail to understand either of the following words: erroneous, opinion or falsified.

NO list is meant to "provoke" (another simple word you misued entirely) into thinking what is right. It's simply a writer giving their thoughts and tastes. I'm pretty sure if a list WAS meant to do that, there wouldn't be twenty wildly varying lists.

Honestly, that's problem with this time of year. Gamers in generally are both such a highly opinionated and insecure lot that any "Best Of", "Top X" or "Awards" makes the immature and trolls come out of the woodwork because god forbid someone, ANYONE, has a different opinion or likes different games then they do. Seriously dude, not only is this level of pablum not Gamer Zone appropriate but you've done an excellent job of of making all the negatives stereotypes of the self-professed "Hardcore Gamer" appear true.

Seriously, I'd like to read ONE of these "best of" lists on here without people throwing temper tantrums.