Marc Ecko to make games

Marc Ecko's an American chap famous for making ideas turn to gold, particularly his urban street-wear collections. You may remember him from Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, which was released across Europe by Atari last year.

The game recently won "Best Videogame Soundtrack" from the 2006 MTV Awards, and has clearly given fashion-fingers a taste for the industry. So much so that he's decided to set up Mark Ecko Entertainment, a gaming division which will focus on originating, funding and developing innovative products.

"There are so many great ideas out there that either aren't getting the attention they need or are being completely ignored," said Ecko. "We will work with the visionaries of the medium and get these inventive titles in the hands of gamers."

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marionz4899d ago

what a poser, man his last game was poo!