CVG: Alan Wake Preview

After almost a thousand days into development Remedy is prepared to attach the year 2009 to the project. And, if CVG was to take a bash, they would say autumn is a good bet.

It's obvious this is a beautiful, vast and dense world, built around a real-time weather system which brings with it sunshine, rainfall, wind and even the occasional tornado. At 36 square miles, they've certainly gone for big too. The town of Bright Falls is at the heart of the game, but dotted around are huge forests, lakes, satellite towns and story-important landmarks such as the lighthouse glimpsed in one of the earliest trailers.

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TheColbertinator4208d ago

Alan Wake sounds the like the exact type of game Microsoft needs in order to distinguish itself more.Microsoft is funding on new IPs that focus on originality and story driven action games.From all the years I have been gaming I can tell that Alan Wake will be a surprise hit.

I can't wait to pick it up for PC.

SonySoldiers4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

"..a beautiful, vast and dense world, built around a real-time weather system which brings with it sunshine, rainfall, wind and even the occasional tornado"

kharma454208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

That's why you only have one bubble...

@ Steven Colbert

I too can't wait to get this for the PC :)

Hal Emmerich4208d ago

This game looks really cool, definitely my most anticipated 360 exclusive, can't wait I hope it does make this year.

BTW who's developing it?

NipGrip4208d ago

Be playing this on the PC. 360 "exclusive" huh? lol.

kharma454208d ago

The devs are Remedy Entertainment, the guys who made the Max Payne games.

ChampIDC4208d ago

Well, it's console exclusive at least, right? ;)

I also laugh when I see the word "exclusive" and it's on PC as well.

Guitarded4208d ago

How about we start calling them what they really are? Microsoft exclusive. Microsoft is supporting two platforms and Sony is supporting three. On topic: Remedy are excellent developers. The chances of Alan Wake being an excellent game are high.

Bladestar4208d ago

"Be playing this on the PC. 360 "exclusive" huh? lol." You must feel very smart? I bet that you really think you are hurting Microsoft by buying it on the PC over the xbox 360. ehh?

You are a bunch of hypocrites and are not able to read between the lines... most console makers make money on software not hardware... hardware is just a platform... whether you buy a Microsoft game on the PC or the xbox 360 it makes no difference to microsoft they are still making money!

Why do you think Microsoft is releasing their titles on the PC? Because some of you are so dumb to realize that you are not hurting Microsoft... Microsoft does not care if you buy Windows + a game or XBox 360 + game.... since Money will end up in microsoft's hands.

If Sony had the capabilities to have 2 platforms that can practically produce the same games as the PC and the xbox 360... do you think they wouldn't take advantage of that?

Take the PSP for example... Sony published God of war for the PS2 and the PSP... if the PSP could produce the same games as the PS2... the game would practically be the exact same game...

It would be stupid from Microsoft to spend resources making an xbox 360 or PC game and not ported to the other platform since it requires very little effort... not to mention that it gives them access to a wider demographic... for example:

* XBox 360 gamers.
* PC gamers.
* PS3 gamers that do not own an xbox 360.
* XBox haters that are to stupid to tell Microsoft is still making money.

These Microsoft games are "console" exclusive... and "platform" exclusive... why? because Microsoft owns windows and therefore is just another revenue stream...

So, if it makes you feel better not buying a $200 platform to play a game... instead you want to spend more money on a PC + Windows.... then be it... That's just money on something Sony is not benefiting from and Microsoft is....

Genius! ha!

That's like saying, "I will never buy a Disney movie because I hate them..." and then plan a trip to Disney theme park!

ChampIDC4208d ago

That is indeed a better phrase, my friend.

Whoooop4208d ago

Sony may have 3 platforms, but when a game is exclusive to the PS3, it IS exclusive to the PS3 and no other platform.

Microsoft releases most of it hit games on PC too.

Happy illegal owner of Windows and its games.... No need to waste money on them.

Just saying ;)

NipGrip4208d ago

Another pointless, missing the point diatribe by the infamous Bladestar. How you have the time to type all of that drivel is beyond me.

360 man4208d ago

well whoop uv just owned urself

windows aint the only operating system out dere

u hate microsoft so much but u use dere products and play dere games

which makes u a hypocrit

NipGrip4208d ago

Let's get something straight. First off, just because some folks don't own a 360 doesn't mean they "hate" Microsoft. It also doesn't mean they don't want to own a PC with Windows or enjoy MS games on said PC. They just don't own a 360. What is wrong with you people? Is this how you really think? That if you don't own a 360 you hate MS? Do you hate Sony as a whole since you don't own a PS3? Very odd..

Whoooop4208d ago

Why the hell would I use another Operating System when Windows runs "WINDOWS" games pretty good?? Don't be retarded.

I don't hate Microsoft, but I prefer the PS3. My point is that it's stupid when people like you use the same stupid excuse about PC gamers giving money to MS when a game it's not exclusive to the 360.

360 best games are not exclusive PERIOD. PS3 exclusives are actually EXCLUSIVE... They don't get released in ANY other platform.

Get over it.

BrianC62344208d ago

The more I hear about Alan Wake the more I think Silent Hill clone. Funny how nobody talks about this but check out the story of the game. Exactly like Silent Hill games.

thewhoopimen4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

Last time I checked... Sony had more than 2 platforms Bladestar... Sony makes PCs to run Alan Wake with... that and cameras, camcorders, HD-TVs, bluray drives, dvd drives, phones, walkmans, atrac/mp3 players, sound ystems as well as consoles. Where do you come up with your arguments? What is your point? That MS has it harder than most? Sony makes a killing too if you buy a Vaio and Alan Wake.

@1.18 Edonus I agree. To call it exclusive is very misleading and MS should really be saying or truthfully saying is "Exclusive only on PC and 360."

4208d ago
Blademask4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

Bladestar, you have some sort of delusion that everyone here must HATE Micrsoft, since you HATE SONY TO DEATH. Nope. Most adults could care less about M$ Getting money.

Its not a war.

Its about playing games.

It just happens that all the 360's exclusives are on the PC. Luckily the PC versions of 360 games have tame requirements as well, due to them having to run on the 360's underpowered hardware. I have two rigs,

1. I've used since forever. It was the one I upgraded to play BF2/Half Life2/Doom3 etc. All 360 ports run perfectly fine on that one.

2. Crysis rig. Don't even have to power that up to run any PC games that aren't Crysis.

Why are you hating on people saying they are going to play the PC version? As if we are second class citizens or something for preferring to play on a PC? Why do YOU take it so personal when MOMMA MICROSOFT gets the $?

I mean, you don't get any $ either way.

Put the fanboy flag down for once, you just make yourself look stupid.

And the Screens, They are all clearly in game.. lol.. no mistakes of CGI here.

heres how I explain "EXCLUSIVES" to my little sister when she asked once:

"Well, you see this game.. Uncharted? You can only play that one one device so its exclusive. You see this ___name any 360 exclusive__ You can play it on more than one device."

She just said "ah ok, so exclusive only means on one thing." I said yep.

Its amazing she gets that, and Bladestar doesn't.

and this preview is terrible. CVG just did it to get hits, there isn't any new information. just

For now, though, we just have to wait. Again. Still, given that Remedy have already made us sit on our hands for three years, another 6-8 months shouldn't be much of a chore...

NaiNaiNai4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

why i consider the xbox exclusives, exclusive, is you have to update your PC every 2 weeks to 4 months. new graphics cards, processors, new patch updates for the OS. and a whole lot more you have to pay for. so in the end, you end up paying about 700+ to get the system, then every 6 or so months, 200-300 more for a video card, plus the fact that only vista supports most of these games now. so you xp owners are real smart. and even if the game does work on your xp system your not getting the most out of it. so the PC version will not be optimised for everyones PC, while the 360 version will be set the same for all 360s, and will look the same as PC. but then again, i guess im wrong, you know for pointing out facts that shut down your. "its not exclusive" BS.

Rob0g0rilla4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

I'm building a PC strictly for gaming.
I only wish for the best for this game.

I don't see it as 360 exclusive. If I'm playing the same game on another platform then how is it exclusive to one platform? It should be called Microsoft exclusive. It's like Ferrari Challenge. That game wasn't PS3 exclusive because it came to PS2 as well.

TheForgotten0ne4208d ago

What you said would be very correct if, and yes there is a BIG if, it was made by microsoft. Something it's not.

So how does they gain money from people who buys it on PC? They don't, the developer do. But yes, they are doing all in their power to make the Microsoft OS to be the most popluar, so in that way they do make money on it, indirectly.

think before you write next time, it often helps

Blademask4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

"1.20 -
why i consider the xbox exclusives, exclusive, is you have to update your PC every 2 weeks to 4 months. new graphics cards, processors, new patch updates for the OS. and a whole lot more you have to pay for. so in the end, you end up paying about 700+ to get the system, then every 6 or so months, 200-300 more for a video card, plus the fact that only vista supports most of these games now. so you xp owners are real smart. and even if the game does work on your xp system your not getting the most out of it. so the PC version will not be optimised for everyones PC, while the 360 version will be set the same for all 360s, and will look the same as PC. but then again, i guess im wrong, you know for pointing out facts that shut down your. "its not exclusive" BS." -- NaiNai.

I dont know how to tell you how amazingly wrong you are. But here we go:

First off, the specifications that the 360 games run at, most SUB 720p will run on your average gaming box with a decent videocard. A 800 dollar gaming rig from about 5 years ago still runs the unreal engine better than the 360. I have more ram, and a single proc. It will definitely run in not only a higher resolution, not just resolution, but textures as well. It will perform faster than the console counterpart as well.

It would be different if 360 games were running 10xAA at 3200x5500p or something. But its not. You guys are playing games that run on the unreal engine. And I'm sorry, the PC spanks the 360 when it comes to performance. You don't need a super computer to run non-super games. There is nothing in Alan wake that Hl2 isn't going to be doing. Because of the common denominator, the 360. You cant have DX10 gaming etc, you don't NEED an amazing 200 dollar videocard to play games at the same resolution or higher than the 360. So its incorrect to pretend that yo have to upgrade your computer for every PC game. The only PC game in recent history since the LAUNCH of the 360 that has required a heavy upgrade, was CRYSIS. Which most PC games don't even require that much.

Its novel to pretend that the world of PC gaming is oh so expensive. Its a choice you make. You CAN spend the $$$ on your dual SLI 512/quad core setup with 8 gigs of ram. Or, you can just have your 256mb videocard & a single proc. You don't have to upgrade "every two years" What applications are you running? Firefox? MSword? Its just a blatant lie to pretend you have to upgrade the PC so often.

PC's have MINIMUM requirements, thats how they are OPTIMIZED FOR ALL PC's. As long as you meet those, you can play the game as good as the 360. Spend more money, you will be playing it a bit better. I don't think you understand that.

Gaming is an expensive Hobby. a few games will set you back 200-300 bucks. Don't cry Molly.Save-A-Penny when you pretend to have money for games, but not hardware thats multipurpose. Your PC has a longer life expectancy than the 360 as well, and you can multitask. If you had a ps3 you could at least do some basic web email applications like Gmail. Or just youtube stuff. Im sayin you cant pretend that you do not NEED/USE a computer. Some of us have it hooked up to our tvs, and some of us use any usb controller we want to play the games.

If your argument on why 360 games are exclusives, is due to you having to upgrade a computer, that doesn't even begin to make sense. Can you play the game on a PC, yes or no. Guess what that means? It means it not exclusive to the 360. I dont know if you need help or something understanding what exclusive means but:

Gran Turismo5p
Valkyire Chronicles

are all exclusive to the PS3. Meaning you can only play the game on a PS3. Not, the PC.

The AGENCY is an example of a multiplatform game. Because it runs on both the PC/PS3. Again, try to explain how PC specifications and requirements mean that a game can only be played on the 360? What FACTS did you point out? Because im still seeing that I'm goign to be playing Alan Wake on my PC. Because its a multiplat.

baum4208d ago

These fanboys are so delusional. I would rather play any 360 "exclusive" on my PC than on my 360 simply because the experience will be better and because I can choose hardware that isn't made by Microsoft. And by saying Hardware that isn't made by Microsoft, I mean any 3rd party PC maker, not that I hate Microsoft, I just hate their shoddy products (i.e. most of them).

Suddenly if you are a PS3 fan you have to hate Microsoft according to Bladestar, 360 man and the rest of the 360 crew? LOL, hilarious. We don't hate companies unlike you guys, we just like well built products and exclusive games. If there was a 360 game that was going to stay exclusive forever and it was really worth buying a 360 for, then you can bet your ass we'd play them on our 360s. However, since there is practically none and it would be pointless for Microsoft to keep them "Xbox exclusive", then it's pointless for a hardcore gamer to buy a 360 if he can get a PC that runs those games.

As Blademask said, gaming is an expensive hobby. I doubt you guys have the 360 Arcade. Most of you probably have had the 20GB 360 since launch, have already been paying for Xbox LIVE for plenty of time (perhaps since it came out in 2002?), some of you upgraded your HDD to 120GB and others actually bought the WiFi add-on. You guys spent on hardware and services (not games) alone as much as Sony fans did on their PS3 if not even more.

Using the "price" argument in a hardcore gaming website is hardly an argument for choosing a platform. If price is so important to you guys then go to the Wal-Mart website, not N4G.

Legion4208d ago

I've let this title stew in the back of my mind. Not wanting to hype it up too much. Lucky for us it hasn't gotten too much media buzz on it yet... but the upcoming buzz prior to it's release could over hype the whole deal.

Looking to add it to my list of great games. Hopefully it will have a story that will keep me away from other titles for awhile. And maybe this time a company will look at the atmosphere of the whole game over the thrill of killing some random enemies.

Can't beat a good Stephen King type story in our gaming world.

Highatus4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

Well put on both accounts Blademask, common sense only gets you disagrees i guess.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----

And Bladestar what was the point of your rant on someone that wanted to play it on PC when released? At no point in his post did he say he wanted to hurt Microsoft by buying it on the PC instead. Would seem like a stupid comment to me if he did considering it is being published by Microsoft Game Studios, But, he didn't.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----

I prefer the PC over any console when it comes to graphics if that's what gaming is about, but its not IMO thats why i only play certain games on the PC, The ones that are exclusive to the PC.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----

This game will be a day one for me, if its ever released :(

And this site does not divulge any new info, only reiterates the fact that Remedy hasn't released any.

Rock Bottom4207d ago

Can't wait for my PC version, still, even though I trust those developers, I still want to see more from the game.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4207d ago

Make sure you get the latest "Windows" updates when you get the PC version (LOL)

Saint Sony4207d ago

"in gona play this with my PC"... thinking it hurts 360/microsoft somehow.

What ever you do, enjoy this game if you can. It will be a blast for sure! Alan Wake is worthy investment, be it 360 or PC version.

Even without Alan Wake, 360 is winning console war... but well that's no more a surprise now is it, PS3 is officially in distress. What makes it more funny is that while PS3 is in distress, you fanboys want to support Microsoft by using PC/Windows for gaming. Excellent, I give bubbles for all of you PS3 fanboys for supporting Microsoft with PC gaming. Console war is FUN! *applauds*

NickIni4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

Damn. Some people are stupid.

Who said anywhere they were going to buy it on PC to "hurt Microsoft"? No one.

Some people prefer gaming on a PC, they may already have an up to the minute computer, so why buy a 360 just for one game when you can play it on your PC?

Saint Sony, no one cares about where there money goes when they buy a game. They just want the game. (Well, some people seem to, taking pathetic to a whole new level). An awesome game comes out, but no! You mustn't buy it because it is made by a developer you don't like.

So stupid.

Saint Sony4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

right.. and if you think "Be playing this on the PC. 360 "exclusive" huh? lol." does not try to achieve anything, it's your fault. Not ours. So stop calling other people stupid.

EDIT:@1.32 I am not the one who invented "console war". It would be kinda wrong to assume that Sony and MS are not competitors. But you are right, maybe there is not a war to win anymore, I guess we know which one won it then.

ps. And thank you for so directly instulting other N4G member.

4207d ago
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360 man4208d ago

those pics areall in engine by the way

Beg For Mercy4208d ago

something tells me that you know the xbox cant compete with the ps3 graphically so you try to quickly point out some pics that we dont even know if thats running on the 360 you havent seen it in motion or anything it could be but your insecurity really shows and then it looks great not earth shattering

Fishy Fingers4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

360 man, cheers for the screens, they look great. I assume they'll be from the PC though. Remedy have made it clear all the latest footage is all taken from the PC.

Edit: Not sure what all the hate is about, he didn't claim they were even from the 360 build.

liquidsnake4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

360 man was owned by Beg For Mercy.
Now obviously these are from the PC version and like most of screenshots around the web, heavily modifyed too look better than they actually are. Now if it looks like this on the 360 and in motion I'll eat my words.

WhittO4208d ago

lol no need to tell us they are in-game...we can tell!

and they will be capped from a full spec PC.

Now if you showed me screens like :


then you would have to say if it was in-game or not lol.

Mr_President_4208d ago

those are from the PC version xD

lelo4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

“360 man” showed some pics and got so many disagrees ... why???
He just pointed out some pics and got disagrees??? LOL. Did he say it was X360 version ??? Did he say it was the PC version??? He said nothing and got disagrees.

This is really getting absurd in N4G. N4G is crawling with PS3 fanboys ... from the moderators to about 80% of users. Unbelievable the amount of stupidity that is going on this site.

Just a few days back a moderator deleted my comment with no apparent reason.

As for the game, i hope it comes out in 2009 ;) BTW nice pics.

360 man4208d ago

yo beg for mercy why are un even here

all im doing is just posting som pics of alan wake for those who want to see

why dont u go back to ur ps3 section and masterbate over killzone 2 graphics

Eiffel4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )


One thing I've learned from this site if its not involved with Sony, about Sony, in relation with Sony, or anything with the letters together.

They completely hate it. To the point of trash talking like an angry nerd.

This is just one small thing that turned me off from buying a PS3, its community.

Now to be fair this goes on both fanboy sides. Just so happens PS3 Fanboys out weigh the 360 fanbase by 20% to 80%.

ChampIDC4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

At least on this site PS3 fanboys outweigh the 360 ones. Apparently the balance was the other way a year ago from what I've heard. I'm sure other sites have it different.

On topic, this game is definitly looking interesting so far. I'm looking forward to seeing how it'll turn out. Also, tornadoes? O.o

Blitzed4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

Despite all the fanboy crap above me (and even though 360 man is usually a rabid, annoying fanboy- thanks for the pics) I am very intrigued by this game. I wish we had a little more info about it.

I am a little concerned with the way the info is trickled out in such little tidbits, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing a lot more this year as the release approaches.

360 man4208d ago

"rabbid annoying fanboy" mate your talking bout yourself

thegood334208d ago

This has the potential to be THE perfect game. (For me at least)

I always wished Rockstar would try something different with thier sandbox games...Oh well, Remedy might just be the ones to do it.

This game is gonna generate a lot of flame wars. It looks too good not to.

And what's with people knocking someone for showing links to pictures of the game? It makes sense to post it in the comments section. People might want to see more about the game. Kind of childish for a grown man to to flame about something so trivial.

Bubble Buddy4208d ago

If you don't like N4G then leave? Anyways, the game looks great; what's it about and hope my PC can handle it.

umair_s514208d ago

It is indeed sad that all 360 man did was post some pics and received disagrees for that, the pics are nice though.

Rhoic4208d ago

These ARE 360 shots.. you know why? Go look at the link when on the pic. It states "720p" which is exactly what the 360 version is going to run at. The resolution you see in the picture is the same resolution you will see on the console. The PC version will look nicer than those screens.

Blademask4208d ago

Maybe if they were impressive by CGI standards, people would question whether or not they are.

But they are clearly in game, with bad lighting.

Blitzed4208d ago

I was pretty clear that I was talking about you 'mate'. If you are going to put yourself out there and present yourself the way you have in the past then stand by your convictions. You are a rabid fanboy, your past trolling comments speak for themselves; if that embarasses or offends you, then stop.

With that said, there hasn't been alot of info about this game so I appreciate the pics, and its that kind of stuff that brings me to N4G, so thank-you.

power of Green 4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

DEV's said both version's of MSFT's exclusive will be almost identical.

LOL Looks like a bunch of scared rants from non 360 fans. God dam there are more PS3 fans in here than 360 fans. The game(360 version) will still shine above most if not all other titles in 2009 on all console platforms.

phosphor1124208d ago

It'll be their best bet in these hard times. How much time they've been taking to optimize the engine might have had a result in being able to port to PS3. That's what happens when a developer takes its time in building in engine. I mean so far, they have not shown any single screenshot from the 360 version. Like I said, maybe they are just optimizing it for everything possible at the moment? Takes a few more resources, but being able to sell a good couple million more is a great trade.

baum4208d ago

I've seen better graphics before, so I do believe you 360 man. But again, this is probably the PC version. If I was making this game that's the version I'd show off anyway.

SAiOSiN4208d ago

I've seen better. Graphics don't make a game numb nuts.

Wile4207d ago

what's with the rabid backlash for 360 man's pics.

Jazz41084207d ago

@blademask- Did you not say that a 5 year old pc runs the unreal engine better then the 360? So, what does that say for the PS3 since it runs the engine worse then the 360.

Halochampian4207d ago

it cant be ported to the PS3 when MS is making the shots. After all, they are the publishers.

Rhoic4207d ago

Aw.. look at all the Sony fans trying their hardest to say Alan Wake looks sub-par ROFL. My friend who loves the Playstation brand here JUST said to me he has never seen a game better looking than that so far.

+ Show (23) more repliesLast reply 4207d ago
Cop_Boy4208d ago

but somehow I feel this is gonna be another alone in dark which failed miserably..... good luck ;)

Beg For Mercy4208d ago

in here because i have a 360 and a ps3 and you dont have to tell me to go masturbate over killzone 2 s graphics i already have done enough of that if i continue i might not have enough left for my wife LOL, im just sayin dude your post was so disparate hey look and its in game engine too, everybody knows what you were trying to do.

Beg For Mercy4208d ago

cry me a river already you should of been here when the ps3 first came out all ps3 owners heard was garbage about the system and it has no games and a lot of other crap i dont feel like typing out, its like this because of the 360 owners started back when the ps3 came out 360 fans started a war ps3 fans just are finishing it.

ChampIDC4208d ago

First of all Beg, it helps if you reply to the right comment. Second, it's true that the PS3 was lacking games at the start. Some people blew it way out of proportion, though. But you starting flame wars by saying he's trying to say the 360 beats the PS3 by simply posting a couple of screenshots is just adding fuel to the flames dude. If people would just chill out on this site, we'd have less fighting over which console is better.

Montrealien4208d ago

I got a question for you Beg. Do you prefer one console over the other?

Also, are you mature enough to look at the Alan wake screen shots and appreciate them for what they are? Or do you compare them right away to what the PS3 can do? If so, I have to tell you, you would be better off in the open zone.

Any true Gamer knows that the PS3 is a more powerfull console, but they also know that graphics are half the battle, that`s why consoles like the Jaguare, Lynx, 3D0, 32X, Xbox got there arses handed to themselves by consoles that where clearly less powerfull then them.

Now, if you see someone posting pics off Alan Wake in and Alan wake related story and feel the need to remind people that the Ps3 is a better piece of Hardware, you are a F*nb*y and should keep the F*nb*y crap for the other zone.

ChampIDC4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

Couldn't have said it better myself Montrealien. Have a bubble.

Also, is it just me, or have you not been around for a while?


Haha, I know that feeling. I had to break my WoW addiction over the summer for the sake of school =)

Montrealien4208d ago

*hangs head down*

*shakes fist at Wrath of the Lich King*

Eiffel4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

I'm up there in case you got lost.

It shouldn't matter what who did to who, simply I couldn't give a sh!t about this sites past cause its the perfect example of repeated mistakes.

The point being is that this site has become a breathing ground for hate. Which I bet at one time was not a factor..a very long time day one..

All I ever see in articles is misplaced fanboy comments, hateful and distasteful gestures and or jokes about a system and or even relating to the article. Only rarely do I see a comments excluding the words "360" "PS3"

It just needs to stop, keep the hate in the other zone..cause as of recently its leeched onto here.

The Lazy One4208d ago

You should have been too... You've been here less than a year... "cry me a river"...

That said, when the PS3 launched people hated it because it made a lot of really bad moves. It had barely any decent launch games, it was ridiculously expensive, and sony execs weren't saying anything very inspiring about their product while taking a decent sized dump on their fanbase with a lot of the things they said ("we could sell an empty box and people would buy it"). Sony deserved most of the hate it got. Likewise, no console deserves the blind support of anyone.

thewhoopimen4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

I appreciate the Alan Wake shots for all its worth, but frankly I don't see any graphical boundaries being broken on this title beyond the fact that they managed to squeeze a little bit more out of the 360. In all fairness this is a GTAIV style world so compromises have to be made and I don't think any other studio could have done much better. From what I see of the screenshots noted by 360man, the backdrops consist of very low polygon models. Look at the mountain, Simple angles. I see the visual compromises they made everywhere in this game. Alan is very high poly but books, shelves, boxes in the game are simple rectangles with painted textures, cylindrical objects are decagonal (you can clearly see angular surfaces), chairs in the library are slanted not curved. Trees are extremely repeated. It looks well done mind you, but as evinced by Sony's 1st party studio work, a trend of moving beyond extensive repeat of textures, lower faceted(?)/less angle(?) objects and limited ingame assets is happening. Much higher angle counts to the point where you can't see angles from distance any longer. Stages that use completely different objects in-game (like MGS4). High polygons both near and far. Just Look at Kz2 backdrop shots and compare. Now again, i repeat it isn't fair to compare a GTAIV world game to a FPS. There is no way that a huge gameworld will ever have the extensive polys that a linear game can dedicate, but the differences are emerging and growing.

LazyDevs4208d ago

How is all these Sony twits with tons of bubbles i just don't get it. I mean Beg For Mercy, 99% of his statements are chump statements. I am so full of myself i am going to post a picture of me and my tattoo, give me a [email protected]#$ing break.

Parappa The Rappa4207d ago