The-Magicbox - Final Fantasy Xlll Info and Image

Here are some new images of Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 and Xbox 360. A number of new elements can be found in the battle scene images.

It is possible to evade and counterattack
Lightning's weapon can morph into other weapons in battles. For example from gun to blade
You can score multiple hits on an enemy, or an enemy can have multiple targets
You can hit multiple enemies at once with specific attacks/weapons
It is possible to store multiple commands and execute them at once
There is no MP in the game, each spell/skill has a maximum number of use or require charging to use
The game seamlessly transition between field and battle scenes
In the field you can see the enemies, warning signs appear on enemies who aware of your presence
There is a Chain Bonus and Break Bonus system in the game, details unknown
You can visually see the enemy name and the HP in battle

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Simon_Brezhnev5672d ago

Looks promising but VS looks better i guess because i rather play with a male main character and its rated mature. Not to fond of female main characters since X-2.

Wildarmsjecht5672d ago

I actually don't care the gender of the main character in an RPG so long as it's great. Some male protagonist act like little girls anyway in some games so you can't be so sure....but FFX-2 was the worst piece of crap I've ever played. I managed to survive the happy go lucky, girl power, best friends forever bull**** that was X-2 up until the very last area, but I just got sick to the stomach of the whole thing..literally. Hopefully XIII doesn't pull that same crap.

blackpanther255672d ago (Edited 5672d ago )

FF X-2 left a bad taste in my mouth as well lol. I go scared for life playing that game. I am a little hesitant on getting XIII, but if the man character is like the one form FF VI(it may be V i can't remember) then i will get it. To tell you the truth im leaning towards VS XIII just because it is being headed by Numora and the kingdom hearts/FF VII group (i hate KH, but damn that story was in depth).

Edit: oh yeah wild i just got lumines supernova u want it?

IzKyD13315672d ago

Has it been confirmed that FF XII is going to be a T rating?

TheColbertinator5672d ago


You prefer Versus because it has a male character unlike FFXIII?

Oh my.I guess you enjoyed using Tidus,the whiny annoying pansy that everyone hated in FFX.

Drealmcc0y5672d ago

I liked Tidus, I thought he great.
Both characters in boths XIIIs looks cool

Az5672d ago

I liked him too, nothing wrong with him imo.

liquidsnake5672d ago

I really don't like the sound of: "There is no MP in the game, each spell/skill has a maximum number of use or require charging to use". Does it mean that after x amount of uses, the magic will forever be gone?

PlayStation3605672d ago (Edited 5672d ago )

maybe you need to "recharge" it or something like that. Of course they wouldn't have it like... use Cura x5, then it can never be used.

That would be horrible.

Mozilla895671d ago

I mean MP is the same thing, you can use a skill a certain amount of times until you have to recharge. I guess instead of calling it MP they'll call it something else.

RPG Guy5671d ago

But the magic as items approach ruined some of the fantasy element of the game. Basically, aside from Aura and Meltdown, Magics were good for nothing but junction come Disc 3.

beavis4play5672d ago

meh.......i've lost interest in this game. and knowing square; at this time next year, they'll be showing us another new trailer and the game still won't be out.

square is really getting on my nerves.
and Digi guys too! they aren't giving us any info on wardevil but they come out with some animated wardevil crap yesterday? what the he11 is that about?