Kingdom Hearts Shares Compiled Final Fantasy Character Image for Latter’s 35th Anniversary

The official Japanese Twitter account for the Kingdom Hearts franchise has shared a celebratory image commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise. This artwork comprises each Final Fantasy character that has appeared throughout the Kingdom Hearts series.

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FallenAngel198499d ago

They have the nerve to have this image but not put in any new FF characters in the series since BBS?


I can't even remember one FF character being in KH3, other than a statue of Cloud... Let's hope they're not pulling a Superman on us here and actually bring back some of the main cast back for KH4.

FallenAngel198498d ago

The most egregious thing is that they sold Final Fantasy characters as DLC for KH3 while going out of their way to exclude the base game. Getting to see the Restoration Committee reunite with Ansem would’ve been emotional, but they literally kept the entire group in a pocket dimension

Then on top of that they exclude them in the next game making that DLC seem like a token gesture. They’ll literally have characters like Dilan and Aeleus who do nothing but stand and point and say nothing but they can’t fathom integrating the FF cast whose base Ansem seems to have taken over.