90° UK has a great deal on the PS3 -- free HDMI Reports: "Now here is a pre-order bundle you can get excited about! Sure, it costs £524.99, but the kicker is what comes with that added £100. It's not an extra controller... nor is it one or two games. If you grab this bundle from, you will not only get the 60GB PlayStation 3, but you'll snag three games. Two of these games are extremely hot: Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm. If you have faith in Genji, then you can get excited about that one, too! It's not just games that you get... you also get a free HDMI cable! If you ever try to buy an HDMI cable from a store, they're very expensive. But has them pretty darn cheap... but even they don't let you have one for free!"

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CAPS LOCK4888d ago

HDMI cables are not that expensive, they are around 20 pounds if you know where to look. they should of had an extra blu-ray movie and an extra controller then the deal would of been sweet. this deal is very good for HD TV owners, however its not so good for the average joe.

techie4888d ago

I think it's still a pretty good offer. Three games for £100! Even though Genji isn't great, you're getting it for about £20-£30 (I think both resistence and motorstorm can be bought for £40 on amazon, even though they're retail is £50) and you could just sell genji on after you viewed its beautiful graphics - It's a much better deal than GAME who are asking for £555 for the ps3 and 3 games!

MaximusPrime4888d ago

all this hype about PS3 is showing that more people in Europe are interested in it.

before Xbox360, it wasnt that popular.

jerrell4888d ago

Well, the PS3 sounds like a hot deal to buy in the UK. And it comes with a free HDMI Cable! You may find a cheaper one, but I guarantee that it would not be a high quality HDMI. Plus they get 3 games right off the rip! Yeah, and they have the luxury of the Blue-Ray Player! Yeah, Sony has won the Format war cause UK will jump at this deal knowing they are geting a super package deal and then Blue-Ray will be in more homes! Aussies already made this format their standard so you might as well say it is over. If you want to cry go ahead. I think both formats are great, but we clearly have a winner here. Too many companies back Blue-Ray, and the biggest ones are Disney and Sony for Spider Man. Oh I so love the HD Era!!!

super bill4888d ago

that ps3 is well overpriced and can buy a decent pc for that amount of money.

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