2008: A year to Dismember

Videogames have always been violent. Violence is inherent in the medium, inseparable from the essential experience of playing games. Without competition and conflict resolved by violence, games wouldn't be games: they'd be screensavers. Gore is a slightly different matter, though. Better graphics and physics have ushered in a new era of explicit gruesomeness. Many of this year's top games featured not only bucket-loads of blood and guts, but also active dismemberment as an integral part of gameplay. Just have a look.

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gaminoz4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

Yeah games are looking a lot more gory but is it because graphics have advanced so far? Are some using it as a cheap gimmick too? Solider of Fortune used to be known for using it as a gimmick, but its last game was just funny...almost cartoony compared to those listed in the article.

To me it seems that if it fits into the context it makes sense, (like shooing zombies) but doing it just for 'gore-cool' sake doesn't 'cut it' (ahem) anymore. Also being able to turn it off so you can play co-op with a younger person is always welcome.