Ken Lobb thinks Crackdown is the best game EVAR

Of course, being involved with the game's development may have swayed his opinion just a tad. Speaking to Newsweek's N'Gai Croal, Microsoft design director, Ken Lobb, drunkenly divulged that his very own GoldenEye 007 had been surpassed by the fun presented in Crackdown. Since Ken previously considered James Bond's N64 outing to be among the best games ever, it follows that Crackdown is among the bester games ever.

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Shadow Flare5712d ago

is this game ANOTHER shooter? No-one will buy this game for the game, they'll buy it for the Halo 3 beta. Another shooter.

THWIP5712d ago's not a shooter AT ALL. Just because a game has guns, DOES NOT mean it's a "shooter".

THAMMER15712d ago

Bold statement.

But if you play the demo you will buy the game. It is fun for real. Can I fairly say you have not played the demo? I think you have not. The Beta is just a bonus besides just owning a 360. *SCOFF

dalectrics5712d ago

that Crackdown is going to shine once it hits the stores. Sure the Halo 3 Beta is only going to add to the hype - but the demo is a solid piece of work and i seriously reckon this game is good stuff.

Havince5712d ago

its fast paced, and you will be hard pushed 2 find another more enjoyable co-op game on 360 at the moment.