Nintendo Wii System Update 3.5 - What's Next?

What will Nintendo's next firmware update offer us and what affect will it have on Homebrew?

At this point Nintendo "could" do so many positive things in the next Wii system update that it would really be hard to guess which great improvement they will make. That is except for the painful reality that we have been disappointed so many times that no one in their right mind would dare get their hopes up again.

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heroicjanitor5389d ago (Edited 5389d ago )

They do nothing, besides stop homebrew. I haven't updated mine in months because I imported brawl since it was delayed so long in Europe, and want to continue using the freeloader, yet my wii is the exact same as my friends.

ApolloT4L5389d ago

Unfortunately I updated mine unaware of the Freeloader block. Only to find it stopped working. Which was more than a little bit annoying.

ChickeyCantor5389d ago

eeehhh, just update install homebrew channel and use Ocarina

Product5389d ago

the next big update should include the sd card storage solution included.

ApolloT4L5389d ago (Edited 5389d ago )

"Racing and bad mouthing other racers as you blow them up and run them off the road."

The above is exactly why Nintendo will not implement the feature when they want to maintain their family image. Bad mouthing people? The horror!! :)

pcz5389d ago

they offer nothing new. the biggest change i saw was to the dashboard, with the clock.

ChickeyCantor5389d ago

People always expect explosions and hot babes that need to be saved by some action hero like...chuck.

They are security and performance updates.
The only thing i want from nintendo is them to allow GCN input for the menu...im sometimes out of batteries and i can't play my old gcn games.

bbelly9320_5389d ago

The Wii has no games, why would it have any interesting system updates?

ChickeyCantor5389d ago

O look, one doesn't give a f, but at the same time he does!
These kind of comments are mind blowing! I mean why would anyone bother if he didn't give a f right?

Feeding the troll here people nothing to see move allong.

ReBurn5389d ago

My Wii has plenty of games that I enjoy. Unfortunately none of them are recent. Hopefully that changes soon.

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badboyz09176d ago

Lego 2K Drive next month looking‎️‍🔥 ‎️‍🔥 ‎️‍🔥


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ZeekQuattro696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

Always remember Polygon's take on MK 8 and how it would end up being worse selling entry in franchise history. Oof. MK 8 deluxe is going to have one hell of a holiday. You know that Switch bundle is coming back.

Sgt_Slaughter696d ago

Polygon having a bad take? Sounds 100% accurate to me.

Inverno696d ago

Baffles me that they haven't made any new dlc for this, and yet they focus on the mobile game smh

meganick696d ago

I can only imagine that the Mario Kart devs have been hard at work on the follow-up to 8, hence why it got no dlc.

Inverno696d ago

We can only assume that they'll show something next year if they are working on the next game. With the way Ninty has been announcing games close to their release they don't leave room for any leaked info

--Onilink--696d ago

Its not like its the same developer. The one working on the mobile game isnt even a Nintendo developer