Ars raises $12,000 to become a Child's Play platinum sponsor

ArsTechnica: "Last year, when we began our first Child's Play drive, I remember being incredibly nervous. It was like throwing a party and wondering if people would show up. What if we made these big announcements and then ended up raising little to no money? Despite flying by the seat of our pants, we were shocked when we were able to continually raise our goal, ending with more than $10,000 donated."

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Cat4209d ago

wtg, Ars and all the donors - this is a great thing to celebrate ringing in the new year!

meepmoopmeep4209d ago

indeed, it's awesome that there are developers and corporations doing this.

btw, what is "wtg"

What the Goat?

Cat4204d ago

lol, sorry I missed that reply, meep - wtg=way to go ;)