Horizon Online Co-Op Game Nearly Confirmed by Job Openings

Several job openings listed on Guerrilla's website essentially confirm the existence of a Horizon Online cooperative multiplayer game.

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RaidenBlack104d ago

The Horizon series is expanding, confirms Guerrilla, with multiple titles in development, including:

-New "solo adventures" with Aloy
-An online game featuring a new cast of characters and "unique stylized look"
-New "external project"

-Foxtrot103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

While it's great it's getting love I just don't want a repeat of Killzone where it was nothing BUT Killzone and they exhausted the franchise.

Hopefully the fact they have a new external project means they have a new IP up their sleeves.

Last thing I'd want in Horizon 3 is "Oh story plot point X, Y and a little bit of Z was explained in the multiplayer spin off game and also the VR game"

gangsta_red103d ago

I remember posting a while back that an MP, co-op feature would be extremely fun for this game.

jznrpg103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

I could get into that . I figure they would make a GAAS game possibly but co-op Monster Hunter ish would be great . Not really into Games as a service but if it has Sony quality I may give them a try , but i will always be a single player gamer mainly . I will play an MMO when my kids get older as I did love Everquest , FF11/14 but just don’t have the time .

shinoff2183103d ago

Not fun at all multilayer games eh

just_looken103d ago

Today its all about monster hunter but i remember and enjoyed the planetside series.

Planet side 2 coop inside the horizon universe you make your own character different tribes have different base ability buffs.

gangsta_red103d ago

For sure, I believe in my earlier post I did mention having different tribes and performing raids and such. The potential for gameplay options this universe is pretty big.

shinoff2183103d ago

I loved horizon. Thought just about everything about it was dope dope dope. Multi-player horizon. Pass. Multi-player just doesn't do it for me. Shame resources will be used.

Jin_Sakai103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Well I’m interested so glad resources will go towards co-op.

CS7103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

I'm a simple man. I see Sony doing multiplayer games with existing single player IP's, I dislike.

I hope I'm wrong but it reeks of cash grab imo.

I highly doubt the Horizon multiplayer would exist due to an exuberance of creativity.

This is likely a "spreadsheet" game which is never good.

For multiplayer bring back SOCOM, Twisted Metal and Warhawk

MadLad103d ago

Sony announced they're looking into a bunch of GaaS titles with the purchase of Bungie.

It's going to be interesting.

Outside_ofthe_Box103d ago

Well, Guerilla have made multiplayer before with Killzone so this isn't exactly uncharted territory for them, although KZ2 was their only good one. Either way I wouldn't consider it a spreadsheet game or cash grab given Guerrilla's history with MP.

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