Kojima Productions: celebrating 7th anniversary & confirms completely new game in addition to DS2

Kojima Productions is celebrating its 7th anniversary at the moment. Part of those celebrations is a fascinating tour of the developer's expensive-looking studio and also talking about future works, including a "brand new game" and "some visual projects".

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masterfox106d ago

Even thou is literally impossibruuu, a new Zone of the Enders using PS5 capabilities would be insane!!!, I hope Kojima sees this post lol.

Outside_ofthe_Box106d ago

I would love a new stealth game from Ko

jznrpg105d ago

I would love a new Zone of the Enders for PS5.

blackblades106d ago

Dang its been 7 years, time flys

Orchard106d ago

One might say that Kojima is… overdosing on projects.

Pocahontas105d ago

The Xbox title isn’t real though.

Orchard104d ago

Apparently not (according to some).

Kojima and Microsoft got up at E3 and both lied together. And the leaked footage was obviously just UE marketplace assets.

-Foxtrot105d ago

Thank God

Survival Horror please

CS7105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I have no idea why but I enjoyed death stranding so much.

On paper it makes no sense ( a game delivering packages) but it became one of my favorite gaming experiences of all time.

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