Palgn: Tom Clancy's EndWar Review

Strategy games have always had a difficult time adapting to the console market. Electronic Arts has perhaps been the biggest advocate, experiencing mixed success with games like Command & Conquer and The Battle for Middle Earth on Xbox 360. Microsoft is even wading into the genre with Halo Wars in 2009. The biggest issue with such games has always been the lack of a keyboard and mouse, which are generally viewed as essential tools in the fast-paced RTS market. Ubisoft has done away with the whole control issue, however, by incorporating a voice command system into their new real-time strategy Tom Clancy title, EndWar on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Surprisingly, the results are staggering. The game may be light on story and the single-player front, but excellent controls and a simple yet rewarding battle system makes EndWar the best strategy title to grace consoles to date.

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