Way of the Samurai Finds Path To Xbox 360

Kotaku: Former PlayStation exclusive series Way of the Samurai is making the platform jump. Publisher Spike announced its intentions to bring Way of the Samurai 3 to the Xbox 360 in February.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

Thank God its going to 360.I have the import and that game sucks.Another stolen exclusive for the 360 and its a crap game.

Not only that.Its graphics are hideous and they won't even release it on the West.It will 5000 copies in Japan MAX.

Zerodin4204d ago

Poor pathetic chinaman.

PS-3PO the Droid4204d ago

When it comes down to it, games are just products to the companies making them. They want $$$ from the product. That money is not found when you make a PS3 exclusive. Bring it over to a REAL console, the 360, and then you start making the dough.

Rikitatsu4204d ago

Huge Way of the Samurai fan here!

These games always deliver in Gameplay!!!

Graphics sucks, but the gameplay is really good!

UnSelf4204d ago

Speaking of samurais where the hell is Onimusha?

Blaze9294204d ago

Hell yeah man, Capcom needs to jump on that again asap. Every since the PS3 was announced I've been anticipating a "next-gen" onimusha but doesnt seem like it will happen. I loved those games but skipped out on Dawn of Dreams

Neoraf4204d ago

Playstation losing another exclusive, again.

Microsoft is too strong.
Sony, I think it's time to retreat.

Rob0g0rilla4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

Capcom does need to make another one asap. I wonder why they stopped. It had a really good story and gameplay IMO.

SaiyanFury4204d ago

I love this series. While I'm getting it on the PS3 360 owners should love it as well.

Bathyj4204d ago

Yes Neoraf, Sony is done.

The 50 copies this should sell in Japan are going to sink them.

Can't you just be happy you're getting a game you might not have got before, and not be a douche about it? Its not like this is really a treasured Sony franchise.

Mr_President_4204d ago

360 fans getting ecstatic about a port of WotS 3 just shows you how desperate those guys are for games xD

gaffyh4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

Lol written by the xbox fanboy that was on the bonus round last week:

"Hopefully, that means we're one step closer to a Western release, regardless of the platform. I've always loved these quirky, if graphically underwhelming samurai adventure games"

I guess this is AAA game with exclusive dlc now seen as it's going on to 360...but on PS3 it was only "decent" ¬_¬

Milky4203d ago

never heard of it. Is it a good series?

kewlkat0074203d ago

but CAPCOM is one of the few Japanese devs that always deliver fresh stuff...there is always talks of, should they bring back certain gains or create new IPS.

I rather them create new stuff for now unless they are bringing back Breath of Fire..

mikeslemonade4203d ago

Game sucked before now and it's going to suck even more now that they will have to spread the resources to make it for both systems. We can thank xbox for rendering another game that will be literally unplayable.

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Nathan Drake4204d ago

Please send me a message when it's time to care.

Man_of_the_year4203d ago

msg sent...."time to care"....Msg received

there ya go

elorm94203d ago

But seriously, I didn't know this was an exclusive game

boodybandit4203d ago

I didn't even know it was a game that already existed. I thought it was a whole new IP until I read: "Former PlayStation exclusive series Way of the Samurai is making the platform jump."

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TOO PAWNED4204d ago

WOW this is MEGATON!(note sarcasm)

InMyOpinion4203d ago

Love how you have to spell it out in order for your friends to understand.

power of Green 4203d ago

Dev support and the focus on the 360 is MEGATON.

The slow death of PS3 isn't funny lol.

Hal Emmerich4204d ago

Notice that its Kotaku who decided to write about this...

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4204d ago

Technically Famitsu wrote on it first.Kotaku is a site that never submits their own news but takes the credit for the work of someone else.