Death Stranding Movie Announced

Interesting news here. Hot on the heels of announcing DEATH STRANDING 2 (Working Title) at The Game Awards, gaming auteur Hideo Kojima’s KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS has partnered with Barbarian executive producer Alex Lebovici’s Hammerstone Studios to develop and produce an adaptation of the critical and commercial hit videogame franchise “DEATH STRANDING.”

masterfox580d ago

Definitely would see it, it has a strong message for humanity but sadly not to many understands it, and this is some of the reasons lots of people at same time thinks Death Stranding is just a walking simulator they just dont see the big pucture here. I hope the movie delivers the strong story the game has.

Garethvk580d ago

I think the risk of it being overexposed is there.

GamerRN579d ago

If this doesn't star Norman Reedus I'm out

SullysCigar580d ago

"I hope the movie delivers" - I respect your punnage!

Joking aside, the visual imagery of Death Stranding is so striking, it would certainly get noticed. They might need to signpost the messages a bit more in order to connect with mainstream viewers though.

porkChop580d ago

It's not that people don't see the big picture, they just don't enjoy the game or think it's fun to play.

Orchard580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

It’s nothing to do with misunderstanding the big picture or story. Those are fine, as expected for a Kojima game, but the gameplay doesn’t really back it up.

It’s Kojimas weakest 3D game for sure, by a mile.

-Foxtrot580d ago

I love the disagrees because it means people think games like Meta Gear Solid or Zone of the Enders are his weakest ones instead.

Face it, Death Stranding, whether you love it or not IS his weakest game.

It's either that or Metal Gear Solid V

S2Killinit579d ago

Let me guess, its not on xbox?

Orchard579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

@S2 it’s in Xbox GamePass for PC. Not sure if you can stream that to console or not.

But being on another platform doesn’t make this game any less of a chore. It can come to 20 platforms - it’ll still have the same issues.

Hard to say it’s anything but his weakest modern entry.

MadLad580d ago

I'll see the movie.
I think the narrative, itself, is interesting.

I thought the game was drawn out and monotonous though.

Vx_580d ago

To be realistic, no gamer play a video game for “the message” .. no one cares.

Software_Lover579d ago

Wall-E also had a strong message for humanity. I wish people would listen.

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Terry_B580d ago

I guess the film adaption of Death Stranding is simply 2 hours of gameplay

-Foxtrot580d ago

It'll be the games cinematic without the gameplay at this rate

Snookies12580d ago

Written and Directed by, Hideo Kojima. Produced by, Hideo Kojima. In association with, Hideo Kojima. Starring, Hideo Kojima.

Lol, all jokes aside. I think this will lend itself very well to a movie. If done right.