Let's Be Honest, You're Probably Too Young To Understand This Mighty Poo Drink

Celebrate two decades of Conker's Bad Fur day with a crappy energy drink.

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Petebloodyonion165d ago

Let's sing together...
I am the great mighty poo and I'm gonna throw.....

Number1TailzFan165d ago

Wonder why they do these things, like with Banjo but never make a new game. With Banjo there's no excuse really, we all know how pathetic the law is in the UK though and flakes get offended by anything today, wonder if that's why there's no new Conker.

A new Diddy Kong Racing would be nice too, nearly everyone just copies Mario Kart.. meh.

curtain_swoosh164d ago

im not sure what the UK law has to do with MS not being able to make new games of those franchises.

they've been left for dead. its that simple

Number1TailzFan163d ago

Oh right MS owns the rights to Rare now, but Rare was originally a UK developer. That's why i mentioned the pathetic UK law.