Rolando for IPhone

PC World: "Some day very soon, all of us are going to have to sit down and figure out just what constitutes the perfect iPhone app. I mean, setting aside such trivialities like what genre an app belongs to or how much it costs, we can certainly agree that there are certain attributes that set apart an ideal iPhone app from some of the more standard fare that litters the App Store. Can't we?

For starters, the app would need to be designed specifically for the iPhone-there's no room for half-hearted ports in our pantheon of great iPhone apps. And that app would also have to take advantage of the things that make Apple's mobile devices special-that means exploiting the touch screen, the accelerometer, the whole ball of wax. The graphics would have to measure up, of course, and the sound would have to be superb. Finally, the perfect app would be simple to use-you should be able to tap it and get down to business without too much reflecting about what it was exactly that the developer had in mind when the app was still on the drawing board."


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