How Can You Get a PlayStation 5 In Time For the Holidays?

It's easier to find Sony's machine than one might think. There just might need to be an extra step or two.

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darkrider556d ago

Try and order it in a big store. For Spanish and portuguese gamers mediamarkt is accepting orders and will deliver in the first week of January.

RetroCaptainSteve556d ago

Yeah, but that's past Christmas. Still, effective if you're trying to save $.

darkrider556d ago

Yeah, but the comercial just say that. Only in first week of January they have ps5 to sell

Orchard556d ago

Just buy it direct from Sony - it’s readily available 24-7 there.

Will it arrive by Christmas though? Depends on where you live - they ship same business day though.

TheEnigma313556d ago

been ont the list for a year and a half and they never emailed me. Walmart was much better surprisingly.

Orchard556d ago

There hasn’t been an invite/list system on PSDirect for a long time now.

Just go on PSDirect, login with your PSN account and you can add PS5 consoles to cart and check out immediately.

Yesterday was the cut off for guaranteed delivery before Christmas though - so whether you get it pre-Christmas or not at this point depends on where you live.

Morgue556d ago

I signed up for a PS5 through Sony back in January.
Completely forgot about it and then out of the blue in July they emailed me with an invite to buy direct.

SonyStyled556d ago

When you signed up to the psn, however many years ago that was, maybe you didn’t select the box that said “would you like to receive sales and promotions/sign up for our weekly newsletter?”

After 14 years of weekly newsletters, I’ve had a PS5 for over a year now. For a few months after I was still receiving emails that more consoles were in stock to purchase.


Does it even make sense to buy a PS5 now knowing that a Slim version may be announced six months from now?

darkrider556d ago

And six months from now the ps5 pro talks will be all over the place...

darthv72556d ago

I think the one you are thinking of is the revised PS5 that can have a USB optical drive attached. Clever move by sony really as it eliminates making two different boards. Basically there will still be two skus on the market but under the panels will be the exact same motherboard. And Im talking "exact" meaning that someone who buys the new disc 5 will be able to detach the optical drive and turn it into a digital 5 just as someone who buys the digital 5 can add the usb optical drive and make it a disc 5. The only real aesthetic that would be different is the side panel.

I read that if you want to add the optical drive after the fact, it would include a side panel to make it look like the full disc 5 we have now. As it is currently they are stamping out two different boards. one with all the circuitry for the optical drive and one without. by consolidating to one single board and making the optical drive USB... it streamlines the whole mfg process.

RetroCaptainSteve555d ago

You'd be surprised how many people want one.

MadLad556d ago

I just went to Target and saw two in the case. They're not all that hard to get; especially when looking online.


Xbox Studios Boss: We "Deserve a Pretty Positive Grade" for Xbox Games Showcase

Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty thinks they "deserve a pretty positive grade" for the recent Xbox Games Showcase

phoenixwing6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

You bought it all around six months ago. You spent billions because the company is literally inept but yeah a plus man

OtterX5h ago

It's like a kid that pays the smart kid in class to do his science fair project for him, then brags "Hey, look what I made! That's an A+ effort right there!"

-Foxtrot4h ago

Here’s the thing and I know it’s going to cause a stir like it’s some fanboy bullshit but it needs to be said

Microsoft did indeed have a great showcase, no way about it, they did

BUT…theres a lot of ways to go about it

We’ve been moaning for years how studios constantly keep showing off games that are years away and the thing is this is exactly what Microsoft has done this year

Simple reveal trailers to fully showing of a bit of gameplay, it’s irrelevant the fact is Microsoft already revealed Perfect Dark, Fable, State of Decay, Avowed, Indiana Jones before the showcase and some of those titles were revealed a LONG time ago. They did the same thing with Hellblade 2 for a while until it finally released, it always felt it was at every show. Gears of War had no release date so how many shows is that going to be at realistically? I just assumed going by the comments online people hated this sort of stuff and yet the next they praise it. We’ve still got other games MS revealed a while back and will get more re-reveals in the future so the same will happen again.

Then you have multiplatform games on top of all that because let’s be honest between the Summer Game Fest and Microsofts Showcase you’ll want to reveal your games at something more established and bigger so these big third party studios will chose Microsoft to show their games at since Sony hasn’t got any presence at these shows and people like EA don’t really do their own shows because they are always terrible.

It just feels like overtime, if Microsoft finally go third party in the next few years, the Microsoft Showcase will basically become a third party mini E3 show more multiplatform developers will want to get in on as long as there’s an Xbox version.

Obscure_Observer3h ago

"You bought it all around six months ago. You spent billions because the company is literally inept but yeah a plus man"

Sure thing...

Perfect Dark, South of Midnight, Fable, Flight Simulator 2024, State of Decay and Gears 6 all looked incredible it those has absolutely nothing to do with ABK or even Bethesda.

I guess some people simply can´t accept that MS is on a whole new level of quality, quantity and variety that competition can´t come close!

Xbox has the whole generation on the lock and even some games to spare and save for the next generation console. All Top tier games day one on Gamepass including COD.

Things will only get better for us. This is just the beginning of something ever greater.

fr0sty34m ago(Edited 27m ago)

Guess what they didn't show much of? Exclusive titles. Not even Gears 6 was cited to be exclusive to Xbox.

Looks like you were proven wrong yet again.


andy8532m ago

Haven't you learned to wait for release yet? You said the same about Redfall and Starfield. Looking great in previews is all well and good. It's how they actually play that matters. Where is this "whole new level of quality"? They've yet to even be nominated for game of the year, nevermind winning it. That's what a whole new level of quality means.

-Foxtrot23m ago

“Things will only get better for us. This is just the beginning of something ever greater”

Good grief.

Fanboy shit aside…come on


Hotpot13m ago

ah spare me with this “us” mentality, you corpo mouthpiece are getting tiring...
if you’re a gamer and you see games you like buy it (and the device to play it if you haven’t) and move on, it’s a box not a homeland to defend.

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piroh6h ago

As a primary Playstation gamer i give it positive grade since the showcase was OK and most of the games coming to PS5.

IMO best of the shows
Astro bot
Black myth wukong
Phantom blade zero
new Doom
new Gears
MGS Delta
Mario Party Jamboree
Zelda EoW

jznrpg37m ago(Edited 36m ago)

Pass on Doom Gears and Mario party for me though my kids may want to play Mario Party. Also a temporary pass on Black Myth until they get discs in their house physical copies of the game. Not a huge fan of the Zelda art style but I will still get it as it has the old school gameplay

Goodguy011h ago

I would say so. Well done showcase. I do still miss E3 though as I still just don't really like these online showcases replacing much of the in person presentations where everyone gathers. Companies, devs, and fans of the whole industry (not just for one platform) alike at one event.

jznrpg39m ago

You deserve a steaming pile of shite just like the Series S you released to gimp this generation