Red Dead Redemption 2 vs. The Witcher 3: Which Is the Better Open World Game?

Twinfinite writes: If you're wondering which would win between The Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2, then we've got all the deets inside. Let's go!

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Jin_Sakai103d ago

RDR2 is better but they won’t release a 60fps patch for current gen consoles so I’ll be playing the Witcher 3.

Grilla102d ago

On a technical level rdr2 was better but W3 had better writing.

Zhipp102d ago

They're both outstanding games, but, as much as I love the Witcher 3, RDR2 was better on a technical level, had a more varied, immersive open world, and even had better writing in my opinion.

Yet somehow I still liked the Witcher 3 a little bit more. I guess, despite both being open world, they were still very different games. Even though RDR2 made me feel things I've never felt from a videogame, Witcher 3, mostly thanks to its emphasis on player choice when it came to story and quest design, appealed to me a bit more.

shinoff2183101d ago

That's just a matter of opinion really.

thorstein101d ago

Characters, sheer amount of great characters goes to RDR2.

Dialogue goes to W3.

But, there were times when W3 broke narrative rules and forced narrative where it shouldn't have.

Example: I am playing Geralt and there is a boss fight, I go the whole encounter untouched, I slay the boss, but then a cutscene happens where I barely survive the encounter?

Example 2: Ciri vs the witches. She can blink. I blink my way all around the fight, untouched, no problem. I kill them all. Cut scene undoes all I have done and viola witch slowly snatches medallion that I used to blink.

So, I would say RDR2 is better because there is no game breaking narrative.

W3 is a great game. This is like arguing which two games are amongst the top games.

deleted102d ago

Yea, I played a ton of RDR2 online up until this year, and stopped, waiting for a PS5 patch. It's a real shame they haven't announced any plans for one. At least give us hope! I know it doesn't pull in hardly a fraction of GTA Online's numbers, but I just enjoy the slow paced, more role-playing aspect of the RDR2 world. I can lose hours just hunting and fishing in that game.

MaximusTKG102d ago

That’s a weird reason to play what you yourself said to be the inferior game.

dennigo102d ago

to me RDR 2 was a chore, brushing your horse, doing camp tasks, having to ride everywhere with no real fast travel(few trains don't count here) the story was good, but so was the witcher story. But the sidequests of the witcher are a lot better compared to the ones in RDR2.

SDuck102d ago

brushing your horse and doing camp tasks were not required for anything. There's a map at your camp you can interact to fast travel but I can still side with you on that one.

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RaidenBlack102d ago

Both games' best versions are on PC.
I'd say Witcher III trumps RDR2 marginally ...

frostypants102d ago

Nobody asked which platform had the best version.

RaidenBlack102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

and ... nobody asked you to reply here, either ...
also, as for the reason behind the first statement in my comment : many of the comments were based on the 30 vs 60 fps options availability for both games on consoles
so, I pointed out the platform where there's no hindrance to framerate options and both games can be judged more equally.

Omegasyde101d ago

You put out a comment that no asked for Raiden. See link below.

Asplundh101d ago

Wow no one here could had guessed that the games run better on PC, I could have lived my entire life not knowing that. Thank you sir for sharing your knowledge, I only wish that one day I'll have 1/10th of the wisdom that you have.

-The Console Peasant

Omegasyde101d ago

Wow you are out of touch…

RaidenBlack101d ago

nobody waits for someone else to "ask" for a comment, in order to add that comment ...
commenting is independent and personal opinion.
look who's out of touch actually, here ...
welcome to modern internet :

GotGame818102d ago

I would play RDR2 if it ran @60fps on Consoles. The game is one of the best looking game worlds ever created. It feels to sluggish at 30fps. Witcher is better, and the 60fps boost helped that. The pro consoles got the 60fps option last gen.

Gardenia101d ago

Also the lack of fast traveling in RDR2 is hurting the gameplay a lot. If the controls and pace was a bit better in RDR2 it would be a lot better. Maybe we will get a remastered of RDR2 that fixed these problems and with 60fps and fast loading times someday.
And a remake of RDR1 would be great as well.

Rocosaurus102d ago

Both are fantastic, but my vote goes to Witcher 3

ClayRules2012102d ago

Yes, both really are fantastic. I RDR2’s better. With that said, The Witcher 3, man, its still after all these years one of the best open world games along with just one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Snookies12102d ago

Gah, I hate to admit I've only ever gotten about 10-15 hours into both of these games... I think I enjoyed Red Dead Redemption 2 a tiny bit more in that time spent. But I really adored Witcher 3's side quests. They felt real, like I was actually helping people that needed it.

HansyJ102d ago

Who cares you havent even come close to beating either game lol they only get better and more engaging

ClayRules2012102d ago

Ugh, you haven’t even scratched the surface of watch either game truly has to offer. I put 200 hours into TW3 (originally) maybe a little more than that on my first go. RDR2 I’ve put in I don’t even know, but far beyond the Witchers 200 hours, no doubt.

You should finish them. You said adored the side quests in the Witcher, well…get to getting with them side quests. NOW! Lol. I don’t think you’ll regret it. And the main quest/story just gets so engrossing too.

If you do continue with one or both, I hope you genuinely enjoy all the more content that they offer! Take your time with them though, don’t rush. These worlds and everything in them NEEDS to be appreciated👍🏼

Snookies12101d ago

Oh I definitely intend to go back to them. Life has been all over the place for me the last few years though. Makes gaming, especially these longer ones, a lot harder to get around to.

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