Grand Theft Auto 5 PS5 and Xbox Series X/S ray-tracing patch now live

Grand Theft Auto 5 now features ray-tracing on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, thanks to the game's new 1.64 up…

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Jin_Sakai168d ago

“Grand Theft Auto 5 now features ray-tracing on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S“

At 30fps. No thanks!

Number1TailzFan168d ago

And it's just RT reflections, that's it. KEKW

z2g168d ago

It already supports raytraced shadows as well….

GamerRN167d ago

Does it still have Performance RT mode?

SurgicalMenace168d ago

So is fps the new way for individuals to be pretentious? "It's 30 fps?!?! That's beneath me." Even though there have been plenty of games greater than most of these 60/120 fps games that barely moved above 20.

Eidolon168d ago

Sustained 20ish FPS and critically acclaimed might be a bit hyperbolic. Dipping to 20s, sure.

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VanDamme167d ago

There’s many qualities to games as well as the user experience. Some people aren’t cool (anymore) with the stuttering effect 30fps feels like after playing 60-120fps.

I’ll take lower resolution before 30fps in most games. But I’m glad FRS and DLSS are around to help with that.

User experience is an aspect with anything a person has to interface with. Everyone has different thresholds. Maybe you’re OK with 30fps… someone might be OK with a high pitch squelching sound constantly in the background of an audio book, and you may not be… would you want them to chastise you for that?

SurgicalMenace167d ago

Chastised? I'm not even an element of authority.🤣🤣 Society is far too sensitive to be real now.

dumahim167d ago

New? Have you heard of PC Master race?

moomoo319167d ago

God of war 2018 was the last game that floored me at 30 fps. Its just not acceptable anymore.

Noskypeno167d ago

I know higher frames is ideal, but I member when competitive shooters had 30 fps and somehow had less stutter than these 60fps games, the frames are only as good as the code allows it to. But yeah it's like those athletes that think they need food stamps because they only got a 30 million a year contract and not the 50 million a year contract they feel entitled to.

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CobraKai167d ago

Yes please. I’m old school. Been playing 30 fps for decades.

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SullysCigar168d ago

I'll just wait for the PSVR2 patch I'm hoping is on its way.

z2g168d ago

What does that have to do with ray tracing?

SullysCigar167d ago

Where exactly did I say it has to do with Ray tracing?

This article is about the latest GTAV patch, I will be waiting for a VR patch.

XxINFERNUSxX168d ago

30fps with RT LMAO 🤣🤣 net gen. huh? 😆

SeTTriP167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Yep that goes for about 85% to 90% of PC gamers too.

Rt is just to expensive, keep screen space fof consoles

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wiz7191167d ago

30fps with a open world and so much going on in the background at 4K .. you want consoles to do what most PCs are struggling to do ,

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yeahokwhatever167d ago

if RT still has me over 160fps, ill use it. otherwise it stays off. (which means it basically stays off)

Good-Smurf168d ago

Won't be install it again I ain't put up with another 100 GB+ game and over half of those space went bloaty GTA Online I don't give a crap about.
RT reflections won't bring me back to it.

Profchaos168d ago

All this effort to continue polishing GTA v but we still can't get a rdr or IV remake

ClayRules2012167d ago

Right! I would be so over the moon for a GTAIV remake on the new hardware of consoles and PC. Even a RDR one would be awesome. Instead 5 gets touched up again and again, it’s bonkers. And I love/loved it on release and again on PS4, but that’s it. No more!

Good-Smurf167d ago

Yeah they should at least fix and remaster GTA IV the PC version was a mess.

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