Clover vets reunite, form Seeds

Hideki Kamiya, Atsushi Inaba, and Shinji Mikami resurface with new game development studio.

Shortly after Capcom announced the dismantling of Okami developer Clover last year, it was revealed that two of the studio's big names--Viewtiful Joe producer Atsushi Inaba and Devil May Cry director Hideki Kamiya--had already left the company in search of "fresh challenges."

They appear to have found one, as the pair are listed on the Japanese language site for upstart developer Seeds, along with fellow Clover veteran and Resident Evil creator, Shinji Mikami. While Kamiya and Inaba had left Capcom entirely, Mikami last year was still working for Capcom as a contracted producer.

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PS360WII5704d ago

I'm liking that fact ^^

Seeds will give Capcom a run for their money

ApocalypseShadow5704d ago

he helped with resident evil 2.he created devil may cry.he helped with viewtiful joe.i'm glad he's still working.