New PAIN downloaders experiencing not-so-amusing glitch

There are many people that are new to PAIN and its various expansion packs. The "Abusement Park" add-on is corrupted for anyone that downloads it right now. Many are blaming the recent 2.53 patch, which adds a free character and YouTube support to the game. "If you did not have the Abusement park addon downloaded from PSN prior to the update the level is destroyed and unusable, Items fall through the landscape the background image is blank white and the level is unusable."

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Hal Emmerich4213d ago

Serves them right for buying this rubbish.

I kid, I kid...

Chriswsm4213d ago

I am certain that I got Abusement Park after 2.53 and it works just fine. Is it perhaps just the US version that is knackered by 2.53?

Also remember that Pain does its own updates every couple of weeks so this might get fixed before you know it.

I like abusement park although the clown toss is a bit annoying. I much prefer mime toss but then again perhaps I do not like mines.