Armored Core 6 Will Reportedly Not Play Like A Soulsborne Game

Hidetaka Miyazaki has unveiled the first Armored Core 6 details. The title will seemingly not feature Soulsborne-like gameplay.

lodossrage579d ago

I don't understand why this was even a thought

From Software developed the entire series of Armored Core (as far back as the PS1) and they were never like that before. Why would people expect any different now?

Jin_Sakai579d ago

Likely because that’s all they put out it’s Soulsborne games today. Can’t wait for Armored Core 6 since Titanfall is sadly a thing of the past.

Knushwood Butt579d ago

Probably because most people don't know a thing about Armoured Core.

CorndogBurglar578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

Because this is Armored Core I think it makes sense for it to play like previous Armored Core games. But we also know franchises dont always stay the same over time. It's not really that unreasonable for someone to think the company thats been making nothing but Souls games for over a decade might try to make a new Souls-like Armored Core game.

Hell, I would be all for a Souls-like mecha game. With all the customization and weapon options that make mecha games so cool. Could you imagine Elden Ring but with mechs? That could be really cool.

Vengeance1138579d ago

We all know how companies love to update their games for a "Modern Audience".

SinisterMister579d ago

Not sure how to feel about this. I love Soulsborne games so much, I want every game to be like them, but that's wishful thinking.

Soulsborne578d ago

Been a diehard FS fan since demons souls released on ps3. Wanting AC to be soulsborne just shows you dont have an appreciation or understandìng of their craftsmanship.

Crows90578d ago

Or it just shows you don't have an appreciation or understanding of the style and genre they created. Souls games are in my opinion a subgenre. It refers to the assumed difficulty of a game.
They can easily take their subgenre and move it to other genres.
Armored Core is an existing IP so obviously it won't be exactly like a dark souls. Just like sekiro is really different from dark souls.

BrainSyphoned579d ago

“No, we’ve not been making a conscious effort to try to direct it towards more Soulsborne type gameplay. First of all, let me just make that clear.”
So they aren't trying to make it like their current games but that doesn't say it isn't overlapping anyway.

Crows90578d ago

It will overlap obviously. Their style is effective across many genres and sci Fi themes.

plmkoh579d ago

Souls games has been an absolute curse on From Software, everybody is going to expect this game to be some Souls related for no reason. Armored Core 6 is going to play like Armored Core should but don't be surprised that reviewers will give it ~6/10 being unable to reconcile the game play in their imagination to reality.

jznrpg579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

I’m getting it because I want Armored Core . I don’t personally care what reviewers give the game but it should be judged as a mecha game only .

plmkoh579d ago

Of course but when you see that it's taken basically 10+ years to get another Armored Core you can't help but think From Software has been stuck making nothing but Souls games due to the expectations placed on them.

Crows90578d ago

Or maybe just reviewed for what it is and not what it isn't.

CorndogBurglar578d ago

"Of course but when you see that it's taken basically 10+ years to get another Armored Core you can't help but think From Software has been stuck making nothing but Souls games due to the expectations placed on them."

I highly doubt they've only been making Souls games because that's what's been expected of them. They've been making Souls games because that's what they've wanted to make. And they've been perfecting their series more and more with every entry.

Flawlessmic579d ago

It's armoured core not souls, why does that question keep being asked, ign asked like 10 times in there interview even after being told it will be it's own game multiple times

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