Bayonetta Origins Is a Refreshing Change of Pace for the Franchise

Bayonetta Origins switches up the series' gameplay and storyline, showcasing how a younger Cereza came to be the now-familiar Umbra witch.

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CrimsonWing69103d ago

As a Bayonetta fan I have to humbly disagree.

IanTH103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

I don't mind the change of pace for a side title, but I DO mind the price.

Bayo3 didn't even come out 2 months ago, so this is cleary a small team effort. Just a smaller side project in the Universe of Bayonetta. Side projects can be fun diversions from the norm, or allow devs to try different ideas before implementing in the main franchise. They have purpose & place.

What doesn't have purpose or place is a $59.99 price tag. SIXTY BUCKS!? Couldn't believe it when I looked on the eShop. Come on, guys, this is crazy. Again, clearly a small team project. Timing after Bayo3 dropped, the storybook (read: non-animated) cutscenes, the lower-quality assets...the artstyle is nice, but Nintendo wants us to believe this cost them the same amount of development time & money to create as Bayonetta 3, BotW, or Mario Odyssey?

This has $30-40 smaller game written all over it. It feels so intensely, nakedly cash-grabby that I'm surprised I didn't know about the price before happening to see it on the eShop. I hope the eShop price is an error/placeholder, but I ain't holding my breath.

HeliosHex103d ago

This looks like a cool little 30-40 dollar game. But 65 dollars is insanity and robbery for it. I'll wait for 50% off sale.

curtain_swoosh103d ago

its abit pricey for a glorified dlc

lellkay103d ago

Looks incredible, but i've not seen the price. Assuming from the comments they are asking for full price which would be a huge shame.