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Oh geez High on Life. You know, like, on one hand I’m keen on the whole “Justin Roiland voice” shtick, especially when it comes to Solar Opposites. But oh man….on the other….it’s getting a little old, you know? Especially if most people in those worlds feel like they’re just riffing, like everything is a stream of consciousness…like we’re all just…part of one big galactic party that never ends? Like how Shrek was mostly just a series of riffs from the actors, and a lot of it didn’t work? Look it up! On…Wikipedia…or Bing…or something.

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MadLad528d ago

I'm having a blast with it.
Just took down the second boss.

Julion0715528d ago

Yea I’m having fun with it as well

shinoff2183528d ago

Id hope so not alot going on, on your side of the fence

Orchard528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

Not a lot going on on any side of the fence in December.

MadLad528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

PC, Xbox, and PlayStation? What can't I play? Im playing this, Vampire Survivor, and a couple older crpgs at the moment. I'm going to be starting Ragnarok now that my friend beat it and is lending me his copy to play. If you're worried about my current gaming.

You should definitely give it a shot though. Even if on sale. You definitely come off as someone who doesn't support just one platform to a fault, and you might have a lot of fun with it. :)

darthv72528d ago

the fact they included Tammy & the T-Rex movie should make this at least a 7.

MadLad528d ago

I literally sat and watched it lol. I was in disbelief that it was a real movie that actually existed; and I never saw Paul Walker nearly that young.

gold_drake528d ago

im loving it so far, makes me laugh alot ha

HyperMoused528d ago

It is 100% silly, but thats the point really

BrainSyphoned528d ago

Game Pass is the correct price for this. It's fun and humorous but if I would have paid full price for this I'd hate the game.

masterfox528d ago

didn't realize it was already out, will play this on my PC no effing doubt, been waiting for this game for a while now.

CoNn3rB527d ago

Might want to hold off for a bit if your playing it on PC, I gave it a go last night on PC gamepass and the PC performance is terrible, from what I experienced at least. Can't comment on the Xbox version though

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High On Life PS5 and Xbox Series limited print physical editions announced

Squanch Games will open pre-orders for physical standard and Collector’s editions of High On Life for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series on February 27 via Limited Run Games and IGN Store, the developer announced. Pre-orders will close on March 31.

ravens5290d ago

I guess it's better than no physical at all. I was using LR when they first started. I have Oddworld New and Tasty, Octodad, Shadow Complex etc. I fell off at some point and just felt I couldn't continue so I stopped. I just would much rather be able to purchase these games off Amazon.

LoveSpuds90d ago

I used to give into fomo a lot in the early days but I am much more choosy these days. I did play this on Gamepass back in the day and had a good time with it, so I have pre-ordered a copy as I'd like to Plat this on my PS5.

jznrpg89d ago

These aren’t super limited prints so whoever preorders will get one.