GameSpot's 10 Best Games Of 2022

GameSpot : 2022 was a huge year for video games, but we narrowed it down to just the very best of the best.

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Marcello290d ago

The waiting game is what i have been playing all year. Waiting for 2023.

Ninver290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

If you've only got an Xbox that is. Plenty of games on the other side.

LucasRuinedChildhood290d ago (Edited 290d ago )


Your comment doesn't even make any sense.

"The waiting game is what i have been playing all year. Waiting for 2023" means that there was nothing that the OP particularly enjoyed across the entire year, not just recently. Obviously, there's been games released throughout like Ragnorok, Forbidden West, Sifu, GT7, Stray, etc on PS5.

343_Guilty_Spark290d ago


I guess you missed where he changed his comment from "this problem doesn't exist on the other side" or something to that extent.

Petebloodyonion290d ago

Have you played the game listed here?

ChubbyBlade290d ago

Get off Xbox then and you won’t have that problem

Petebloodyonion290d ago

This list can't be right since most of them aren't AAA titles
worst the majority of them got a day 1 release on Game Pass.

But honestly what I do find problematic with this list is aside from the AAA games like Elden Ring, Mario, and GOW, none of them actually got decent coverage on Gamepot aside from a review.
Everybody talks about how great Stray is but keeps forgetting that Gamespot gave tons of coverage on the day of release with several article pieces Meanwhile they didn't even bother to talk about As Dusk Falls who released on the same day on the exact same review score.

Guess what game ppl consider great and what game is considered meh at best?
So yeah Gamespot Great list too bad that you're the main culprit of why nobody will care for any of theses games aside from the AAA one.

Angyobangyo290d ago

What an absolute sad take,

"This list can't be right since most of them aren't AAA titles". In your own little lonely universe, only AAA games can make a list of good games. Wait till you find out that some AAA sames aren't good.

crazyCoconuts289d ago

I don't know... First of all no need to be rude. Secondly, any form of ranking games is going to be subjective. It's conceivable to say that an epic 60 hour adventure with stunning graphics and moments of brilliance shouldn't be compared to a 8 hour game with a novel concept. It's like comparing appetizers to entrees... Like, yeah that appetizer was awesome, but I'm still hungry

Petebloodyonion289d ago

My take on AAA was ironic since it seems to be the benchmark around here of what consists of a great game.
Thus my point is that for a lot of ppl, Game Pass is just a service that promotes mediocrity and filler despite that the majority of the games listed were released on day 1 on Game Pass.

The last part is more related to the Irony that aside from the AAA games, Gamespot has given next to zero coverage to a wonderful game like immortality.

VivaChe289d ago

I loved As Dusk Falls, and I would recommend it to anyone to play. However, I could see why people wouldn't include it on a "Best of 2022" list. As enjoyable as it was in its narrative, I would say it lacked in gameplay. It was more of a "choose your own adventure" in that way. For some gamers, these kinds of games will never be considered on the same level as other genres.

crazyCoconuts289d ago

They included Immortality... Isn't that in a similar boat?

VivaChe289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

@crazyCoconuts: Oh yeah true. Good point.

Petebloodyonion289d ago

My point isn't that As Dusk Falls should or shouldn't have been included in this game but the simple fact that Gamespot barely gave these games some coverage aside from a review.
But they have no problem giving tons of coverage to some similar game if Sony is behind the marketing (Sifu, Stray).
Vampire Survivors is probably one of the best action games created recently with some simple addictive gameplay yet no one knows about this game.
Immortality Gameplay is quite unique

And PS Yeah Immortality is a Masterpiece

TheKingKratos290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

God of war Ragnarok is a masterpiece... No game will ever get me like this new GOW series and The last of us series

Elden Ring was great too but not my favourite game from From Software

ebotj290d ago

No mention of Horizon Forbidden West? Give me a break GameSpot. This game definitely deserves a spot on any 2022 top games list!!

Petebloodyonion290d ago

I think the Gamespot list is based on review scores since they gave HZ an 8/10.

Angyobangyo290d ago

It's their list! Why so angry? Apparently Horizon is on your list. Nobody is telling you it shouldn't or should be there. The fact that "gamers" get so worked up because some game they like isn't on the list that some media outlet.

Tacoboto290d ago

Tunic was a very special game, I'd put it into a top 5, along with:
Elden Ring

Can't pick a solid 5th, between all the '20-'21 games I played this year and not having played Immortality or Pentiment yet. But Tunic really made you think, simple yet complex, serene yet daunting

shinoff2183290d ago

To each his own. Tunic don't look bad but I've played alot of good games this year

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P_Bomb42d ago

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