High on Life review - a mediocre shooter with an unfunny attitude problem - Eurogamer

A miserable cocktail of ideas from other action-platformers and the worst parts of Rick & Morty.

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UncertainCategory530d ago

"But with that pace comes terminally-online burnout and a performance of despair that borders on earnest, yet too often settles into edgelord cynicism and the same tedious, punchdown humor as South Park"

I mean. If you're someone who finds the humor of South Park 'tedious' than clearly. Obviously. This game is not for you. However that is a question of taste, not a question of quality. Would I ask a reviewer who hates South Park as a series to review the latest episode of South Park? No. So.. Why is this guy doing the review for this game?

I haven't played it yet, not here to play defense but, this reads to me like someone with an axe to grind.

Tacoboto530d ago

Shhh or you'll make the PC Babies cry

HeliosHex530d ago

@prology. Well said I was thinking the same thing.

z2g530d ago

im gonna disagree here. i just started playing it and its already hilarious.

wiz7191530d ago

Same here , I’m cracked up when I started talking to a NPC then instantly walked away. His cursed me out talking about how much of a rush I was in them said bye .. lol

Aussiesummer530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

Dude sounds like a ridiculous snob. Yep, just looked, his name is....Edwin. lol.

Flawlessmic530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

Played 2 hrs so far and it's ok at best, I like the humour I'll give it that much, the knife is hilarious.

As far every thing else though it's yet another mid addition to gamepass which would be fine if Ms actually gave us some top drawer exclusives to go with all these mid games, 2022 can't end soon enough for xbox.

One of the worst years by a console ever, and I've had basically all of them since ps1 minus .

I'd recommend people go and play vampire survivors or tinykins

530d ago

You seem like a hater to me. You say it’s one of the worst years in Xbox history ( which I agree) yet you pay for GamePass? Nah you’re just a hater with a axe to grind against MS just based on your off topic post…

Flawlessmic529d ago

My subscription that ends in September 2023 says other wise mate.

I just call it as I see it, I have all 3 consoles so don't need to blindly justify my purchase like half you people on here cause you only have the 1.

You agree with me yet I'm a hater lol.

I speak facts, sorry if that upsets you cause all you own is a an xbox so it's offends your purchase of it and you feel the need to defend it.

Maybe if more of you called out xbox you would have more to play.


You might want to check my comment history if you think I don’t call out Xbox. BS is BS no matter what company does it. You just seem salty…

Flawlessmic529d ago

Ofcourse I'm salty, I spent $750 to play a bunch of Indies and second rate games since forza 5 came out in 2021.

By the time redfall lands which is the one that will come first by the looks of things, then that is possibly a 15-16 month wait for anything of note from MS!!

How is that acceptable? Why shouldn't I be salty about Ms constant lack of production?

Should I praise them for giving me nothing decent to play?

Should I let them of the hook for a whole missed generation and the still not having there production pipeline sorted?

Sorry bud, but we should be demanding better, if you happy with mediocrity then hey that's on you.

Iv spent my hard earned cash, and I will complain as much as I want if my complaints are valid which you best believe they are more than valid.

So yea I'm salty and well justified, you should be too.

HyperMoused529d ago

Peace among worlds to the reviewer, game is fun


High On Life PS5 and Xbox Series limited print physical editions announced

Squanch Games will open pre-orders for physical standard and Collector’s editions of High On Life for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series on February 27 via Limited Run Games and IGN Store, the developer announced. Pre-orders will close on March 31.

ravens5292d ago

I guess it's better than no physical at all. I was using LR when they first started. I have Oddworld New and Tasty, Octodad, Shadow Complex etc. I fell off at some point and just felt I couldn't continue so I stopped. I just would much rather be able to purchase these games off Amazon.

LoveSpuds92d ago

I used to give into fomo a lot in the early days but I am much more choosy these days. I did play this on Gamepass back in the day and had a good time with it, so I have pre-ordered a copy as I'd like to Plat this on my PS5.

jznrpg91d ago

These aren’t super limited prints so whoever preorders will get one.

BrainSyphoned92d ago

Does it come with the layer of dust this game deserves or do you have to work at it?


High On Life's DLC Hilariously Mocks God Of War Ragnarok's Puzzle Spoilers

The recently released High on Life DLC, High on Knife, takes a jab at God of War Ragnarok's puzzle-spoiling mechanic that irked many players.

ravens52230d ago

Lol. I always got em before he said anything anyway lol

Seth_hun229d ago

How? Because boy spoiling the puzzle before you even see it :D

MrNinosan229d ago

Same, wasn't there a setting for how quickly Atreus would spoil shit 😏

JEECE229d ago

Yeah I heard a lot about this before I played, and then it almost never affected me when I played the game (the few times it did were with bird form Freya).

Honestly it makes me wonder if a bunch of people are just really terrible at puzzles and took forever to do them and got hints. It's either that or they patched the game to slow down the hints (I played about 5 months after launch).

H9229d ago

Couldn't get more accurate tho

GoodGuy09229d ago

I like GOW puzzles but honestly I felt there was way too much in Ragnarok.

LoveSpuds229d ago

Perhaps another dev will include content in their game mocking devs who devalue their work by giving their games away on streaming services and then expecting to be able to charge full price for it a year later?

Abnor_Mal229d ago

Definitely agree