High On Life Is Exactly The Game You're Expecting

TheGamer's Stacey Henley says: "I haven't played enough of High on Life to offer a full review yet, as codes were distributed fairly late, but I have played enough to know one thing that will be universal for every single person who picks up the controller - High on Life is exactly the game you're expecting. The gameplay is exceedingly generic, with simple shooting and platforming mechanics, and considering how much it crams its head up its own ass to get a good sniff of the colourful cityscapes, it's also disappointingly linear. But love it or hate it, no one seemed all that excited for this to be a foundation shifting video game. It was just going to be simple and funny. So, is it funny? Well, the long answer is 'that's where you come into it buster!'. The short answer is 'no'."

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Flawlessmic530d ago

Yep it's another mid gamepass addition, serviceable at best.

Played a few hrs, have just turned it off found the knife funny, and the ass face who wants a drum, but yea it's average.

Ahh well wasn't exactly expecting much from it in the first place.

thesoftware730530d ago

We get it Flaw..mid tier GP...GP has nothing to do with the game developer's vision, its a service, the game was gonna be the game no matter where it was launched lol. The game was never hyped as a AAA banger..we even saw the whole first bounty..

Anyway, we are having different experiences...I think the gameplay is tight and fun, it's the world and character that really catching me.

Please watch the Tvs in the city...hilarious.

Flawlessmic530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

Ofcourse gp doesn't have a direct correlation to the quality of games on there.

I'm just stating it's yet another average game, GP needs less bloat and more quality, Ms especially should've thrown some dollars around this year and bagged some AAA 3rd party games to make up for there piss poor effort this yr.

The best things iv played all yr on it have been TMNT, tinykins, vampire survivors and about half way through pentiment. A bunch of indie titles is the best Ms could prove this yr, mean while Sony and Nintendo brilliant games for the most part, especially Sony when I'm just like wow, I play games for that feeling.

MS this yr makes my dick shrivel and tuck itself in lol

Admittedly they did get plagues tal which is a game i shouldve love but hated the stealth as I play mostly games with great stories and that has one but didn't like the loop.

I watched some of the TV in the house and that was funny as hell, the turtle fucker haha

Not directly hating on the game I'm just tired of never sitting there thinking wow what a game when it comes to my xbox.

Disappointing as hell and I'm over it, everyone should be at this point, but no let's keep propping up these mid games

Orchard530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

@Flawless That is standard for the industry, games companies don't all line up in sync on when they're launching stuff.

Look at 2021, Sony delayed a bunch of games out into 2022 meanwhile MS won Publisher of the Year in 2021, with the highest scoring exclusive of the year & multiple entries in the top 10 list on Metacritic while Nintendo and Sony had no entries.

Sony and Nintendo have been releasing a lot of games this year - but a lot of those Sony 1st party games were ones we were meant to get in 2021. So yes, it's been a busy year, but mostly down to delays.

What exclusives would we have gotten from 1st party in 2022 if the 2021 games weren't delayed?

Uncharted collection (old games upgraded)
TLOU Pt 1 (an old game remastered)

So let's not pretend Sony masterminded some crazy release schedule for 2022 - their 2022 was actually going to be pretty empty (unless you're a PC gamer) without the delayed titles.

Similarly, looking at the next 6 months. MS are set to release Redfall, Forza, AoE, MC Legends and Starfield. What are Sony and Nintendo launching in the next 6 months?

Flawlessmic530d ago


Point is regardless of why and how, Sony minimum release 2 big titles a year on top of organising a few aaa 3rd party exclusives.

2021 was quiet yr for Sony and still they gave me returnal, ratchet and clank and deathloop.

Even on terrible yr they still give you exclusives.

Don't come at me with xboxs yr next yr they bloody well deliver on all of that considering we won't have seen a big release since December 2021!!!

We don't even have release dates for any of those titles and some are just a few short months away supposedly.

Xbox for yrs have left its fans holding a bag of shit and all you do is make excuses for it.

2023 is looking great but that's not good enough, I want 2024,2025,2026 all to be at worst decent years, now it's about consistently providing games no more dry yrs or excuses simple as that.

Orchard530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

@Flawless You didn't answer my question.

What exclusive games are Sony and Nintendo launching in the next 6 months / first half of next year?

And as I showed above, if Sony hadn't delayed a bunch of 2021 games into 2022, we were getting a grand total of 2 exclusives, which were both just (barely) old games re-released.

And I agree, Microsoft needs more output - that's why they've acquired Zenimax and why they are acquiring Activision.

Flawlessmic530d ago (Edited 530d ago )


Forspoken and final fantasy 16.

Even if that wasn't the case they literally released a game of the year contender less than a month ago, they are allowed to have a bit of a gap.

Games don't just come off the production line just like that as Ms is proving lol

Again those games you listed don't even have a date yet and we could be looking at over 15 months before a aaa exclusive is launched 1st or 3rd party by Ms and ur trying to change the argument to Sony next 6 months.

You attempts and logic is laughable as best and stupid at worst cause u actually think ur talking sense.

Ms have more studios than Sony without acti, what they need is to get there shit together rather than buy there way to the top, like the bratty rich kid we all know they are and yet still can't deliver

Orchard530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

@Flawless Neither of those games are made by Sony though. And let's be honest... from everything we've seen and played thus far, Forspoken isn't worth writing home about.

So, it's a pretty dry 6 months for Sony coming up, especially compared to huge hitters like Starfield & Forza. And the only game they have announced for the 2nd half is Spiderman 2 - but I'll give them a pass on that since we'll likely see H2 games announced around the E3 timeframe.

The games I listed are all scheduled to be released in the first 6 months of the year. Could they be delayed? Maybe, but that's pure speculation at this point.

And I agree MS needs to up their output - that is why I support them making acquisitions. And it's hard to count Zenimax towards their studio list thus far, because they've only just gotten out of the window of making PS exclusives due to contractual obligations.

Knushwood Butt530d ago

I guess PSVR2 and the related games don't count.

Is that because PSVR only had a 4% attach rate according to someone, or because VR doesn't count because MS doesn't have it?

Orchard530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

@Knush Correct, because ~95-96% of PS5 gamers won't care about PSVR.

You're right that it had a 4% attach rate according to someone - that someone being Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation.

shinoff2183530d ago

You sure about that. Yall hyped this up pretty good for awhile. Dude at work wanted to keep talking about it. I had to tell him I thought it looked bad for him to shutup

shinoff2183529d ago (Edited 529d ago )


You can downplay play it any way you want ms had 0 release in 2022.

Also the last of us despite more downplay was a complete remake not a remaster.

And last. Some of those games you listed aren't coming I the next 6 months. Stanfield being the only interesting title their imo to

Orchard529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

@shinoff Feel free to show me where I hyped up High on Life because I certainly didn’t.

Also no point in trying to big up TLOU remaster. They released the same game at full price for the 3rd time in under 10 years. No amount of semantics change that.

Sony had intended only to release remasters of TLOU and UC in 2022 - that would’ve been a terrible year. Delaying 2021 games is what saved them.

“ Some of those games you listed aren't coming I the next 6 months. ”

Really? Which ones? Because currently they all have H1 release dates - are you privy to some insider info we aren’t? Do share.

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Julion0715530d ago

I’m enjoying it, on my 3rd bounty

thesoftware730530d ago

I just did the first bounty, enjoying every minute of it...the characters are great.

Lifexline530d ago

Why do games get bashed for being linear I can’t take a review or opinion serious who uses that as a reason why a game isn’t good. Not all games have to be open world.

zeuanimals530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

Yeah. One minute everyone, including journalists, are complaining about open world bloat. And now we're already complaining about linear games. It's not like there's even been enough linear games releasing recently for fatigue to settle in. If that's even a thing. I suppose if there's too much backtracking, reused levels, etc., then sure, that gets tiresome. But just linear? Nah. I'll take a tight, linear experience over a meandering open world with the same boring activities dotted throughout the map. I've realized the one thing I hate the most in games is running and the one thing I hate more than that is walking. If I can't exaggerate my black teenage swagger across the map then make it linear, or "wide linear", or as we say in proper AAVE speech, slimthicc.

thesoftware730530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

I fully agree...I really liked Callisto protocol! Pretty linear, but I has a great time playing.

And besides that, im not always in the mood for large ass fetch quest games...the market is flooded with them. Linear is partly why I love Hellblade and a plagued Tale..nice and tight with well acted stories and fun gameplay.

Julion0715530d ago

Definitely agree 2 great games

Concertoine528d ago

It’s almost like AAA publishers churning out another multiplayer FPS or third person action game with a battle pass is starting to get boring no matter how polished it is. High On Life is literally like being in an adult cartoon successfully emulated in a game. That’s an artistic genre of game that hasnt been attempted this well since maybe… Conker? Meanwhile Callisto is just a REALLY good looking scifi horror game. I would absolutely take that over other AAA offerings. This has been a good couple months of gaming for me with No More Heroes 3, Bayonetta 3, The Quarry, Scorn, High on Life, and Callisto. Dead Space, Fatal Frame and RE 4 soon too.

porkChop530d ago

If a game is repetitive, too short, feels severely constrained, etc, I can understand. But being linear shouldn't be considered a bad thing.

onisama530d ago

as a person who played hundreds of games, playing such a different yet great game make me love gaming again...i tend to not like game sequels and when playing lot of games ...time come when lot of game feel like you played it before or you seen this story plot before ..so this game made me so hyped

ActualEngineer530d ago

"The game is too generic ... because its linear" WHAT THE ACTUAL F'CK ?! Who approves these journalists in posting in here? COMEDY IS LINEAR ... I mean think about it ... reality can be interpreted in a myriad of ways, and as a unique observer you judge reality based upon your standards. In order to create comedy or something funny, you have to surve it in a certain way, through certain rails that would deliver the "punch-line", the unrealistic factor, the funny bit.


High On Life PS5 and Xbox Series limited print physical editions announced

Squanch Games will open pre-orders for physical standard and Collector’s editions of High On Life for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series on February 27 via Limited Run Games and IGN Store, the developer announced. Pre-orders will close on March 31.

ravens5292d ago

I guess it's better than no physical at all. I was using LR when they first started. I have Oddworld New and Tasty, Octodad, Shadow Complex etc. I fell off at some point and just felt I couldn't continue so I stopped. I just would much rather be able to purchase these games off Amazon.

LoveSpuds92d ago

I used to give into fomo a lot in the early days but I am much more choosy these days. I did play this on Gamepass back in the day and had a good time with it, so I have pre-ordered a copy as I'd like to Plat this on my PS5.

jznrpg91d ago

These aren’t super limited prints so whoever preorders will get one.

BrainSyphoned92d ago

Does it come with the layer of dust this game deserves or do you have to work at it?


High On Life's DLC Hilariously Mocks God Of War Ragnarok's Puzzle Spoilers

The recently released High on Life DLC, High on Knife, takes a jab at God of War Ragnarok's puzzle-spoiling mechanic that irked many players.