Forspoken devs looked at two PlayStation exclusives to learn what open-world mistakes to avoid

The Final Fantasy 15 developer knows that open world games are starting to lose their sheen a bit, and is doing what it can to remedy that.

Vengeance1138177d ago

How about what character creation mistakes to avoid? Most complaints on the game are that the protagonist is unbearable when she opens her mouth.

SullysCigar177d ago

Oooh God. You went there. There's nothing I can do for you now. They're gonna take you apart for being racist, because you're only allowed to acknowledge annoying white characters.

If she was white, she'd still be annoying, because guess what? It's actually not about colour!

Vengeance1138177d ago

Ironic when the ppl actually labeling everyone else ists and phobes are actually the most racist themselves.

_SilverHawk_177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Forspoken looks amazing and has an interesting character with an interesting story and I can't wait to buy it. The demo was amazing which makes the waiting for release more unbearable. Definitely a day one purchase for me. I'm really just hoping for a game that can perform well on day one without much issues because I see some game reviewers like to ignore glaring negative issues that affects gameplay performance.

im not sure what's different about this game to garner massive amounts of negative opinions around it where normally most gamers wouldn't waste time voicing negativity on something that doesnt interest them but would rather talk more about what interests them. The game seems amazing to me and the demo released played well and performed well which I'm glad about because I remember seeing earlier previews where the performance looked dodgy.

anast177d ago

Political leanings and social ineptness does color people's spectacles.

Killer2020UK176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

This is a real shit take given 5/6 people upvoted OP's comment. The mob you constantly imagine just isn't there.

Nobody, including OP mentioned skin colour other than yourself... You're taking issue with a non issue that you yourself are creating.

SullysCigar176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

^ righto, "killer", you might wanna check recent discussions on the subject.

Basically, if you don't like Frey's personality, you must have a problem with her skin, or so say the mob you brought up.

I get that you disagree - so do I - but it's right here on N4G. You can easily see this for yourself, if you care to look rather than taking the lazy option and just accusing me of lying.

The person that replied directly before you is saying EXACTLY what you claim "nobody is saying".

Nitrowolf2176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

No one has to look because ur quite literally the one who brought it up, even going as far as accusing Vengeance in some way as if they’re the one who said it.

No one denying that this isn’t an issue out there, but the fact that you inferred it’s what Vengeance was meaning when they literally are saying the character is just annoying, says more about you.

The person that replied before Killer was direct reaction to your comment that had nothing to Do with what Vengeance even said

SullysCigar176d ago

^ lol Nitrowolf2, how the hell are you missing the sarcasm in my insinuating Vengeance1138's comment had racist connotations? I'm pointing out the absurdity of the suggestion. He understood me and so did dozens of others.

Check out this top story about Forspoken and how the comments section is littered with people making claims like people saying it's "woke" is some kind of racist code. Then look how many people silently agreed with such ridiculous claims. That's absurd and that was my point.

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Inverno177d ago

People been saying this for months and yet most disagreed and said she was fine

sinspirit177d ago

I don't see "most" saying she's fine. You can't just say "most" this and that ya know. It actually needs to be real observation and not just an extension of what you believe.

SyntheticForm177d ago

They want her to be an unbearable Gen Z type; it's what they're going for.

shinoff2183177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Or that she's female. The same hate ellie got from tLou 2.

I personally think it looks pretty good.

Vengeance1138177d ago

Ellie? You mean Abby? Abby pretty much single handedly tanked the game sales.

sinspirit177d ago

TLoU complaints were that people still wanted to play Joel, and the story they didn't want to accept. Not because of female hate. Returnal and Horzion have examples of modern day well written characters that just happen to be female. No focus on being different for sake of being different and no cringy writing to go with it.

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a7madRyan177d ago

i switched the voice from english to jp and suddenly the demo become 10/10

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Abnor_Mal177d ago

I’ve not looked at much videos of the game, but it does look interesting to me. Plus I love the flair, particles, and spectacle of magic in SquareEnix games.

I will see how it reviews and pick it up at a discounted price. I also pre ordered Crisis Core and will check that out when it goes live, great price so I jumped.

Mr_Luke177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

So they decided to make new mistakes. Got it.
One of the games i was really looking forward to get, now it became a "i'll get it when it's around $20 or so". And not even sure i'm going to buy it.
And the main character with the talking thing on her arms are hateful, never heard so stupid dialogues...

P.S. all of this is from my experience with the demo, the final product can be a lot better. The effects and those things are great but... that's all about it. It has a lot of potential, it's true but for now i wouldn't give more than 5 on 10. And because i'm a good person :P

z2g177d ago

Clearly one of those things wasn’t an awe inspiring living world. If you compare Forbidden West to what’s been shown of Forespoken, it’s like they forgot to actually care about the world itself. It feels so generic and soulless.

Notsofast177d ago

the world is like breath of the wild

Imalwaysright177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Is it? Does it have a physics system and attention to detail even comparable with BoTW? Was the world specifically designed to be explored in the same way BoTW world was? I'm asking because I don't have a PS5 and obviously didn't play the demo.

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