GCHD: Defining Moments in Console History (1972-2008)

GCHD Writes: "In the last couple of years the video game industry has successfully captured the flag of the retail industry by surpassing the Box Office in profits. Once considered a simple pass time, video games have by passed the taboo of other toys of youth and has found itself in the heart of modern consumer culture. And while many gamers claim that the medium is becoming too 'main-stream', one cannot argue the powerhouse that the industry has become. Here at GCHD, we have decided to look back at the rich lands left behind, and find the moments that truly define the legacy of the home console. Unlike other articles, however, this isn't going to be a simple "top ten" adventure, but instead we are going to start at the humble beginnings of home video game entertainment, and note the benchmarks as they occurred. Moments are chosen justified on their significance to both the industry and the consumer, be it hardware, software, or any combination thereof."

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lamplight4205d ago

Is Metal Gear Solid for the PS1? Seriously, if that game wasn't a defining moment...not sure what is. Nice article, but a little too much Nintendo for my liking :P. Also, where is Dragon Warrior for the NES? That game was before its time for sure.