"It just wouldn’t work on PS4": Forspoken devs on why the RPG had to come to PS5

Luminous Productions has been on quite the journey with PS5 console exclusive Forspoken - but it’ll hopefully be a journey with a happy ending.

anast168d ago

Unfortunately, this will be one of the few exclusives that I probably won't buy. I just don't trust SEnix to make a good game. I realized that Enix is the publisher, but dev-publisher relationships compliment each other. Look at Bioware and so forth .

CrimsonWing69168d ago

I liked what I played in the demo. Definitely Day 1 for me.

Jin_Sakai168d ago

That’s good to hear. Unfortunately it’s the opposite for me. After playing the demo I won’t be getting the game.

crazyCoconuts168d ago

I had a hard time with aiming. I felt it wasn't clear when auto aiming was in effect (reticles appear over targets) and when I needed to be dead on (center of screen). Also the default sensitivity felt off... Like the vertical was too sensitive or something...nothing that can't be fixed I guess.
The banter with your Destiny-sounding Sparc or whatever that thing is was ... I dont know... Not very amusing... A little too cheeky or something

Lexreborn2167d ago


When she used her earth magic she has three variations to it. One is a shield that can be held and protect with an explosion when released. The other is a rapid fire that ends in a charged blast. That is a reticle based attack so you aim. The third is individual shots that hit harder than rapid fire but you can auto lock an enemy and shoot and she will automatically hit the target.

The fire spells are for close combat. She has a fire sword witch can rapidly attack close range. The charge can cause an eruption that covers the area in front of her. She also had a direct charge attack that rams the enemy knocking them off their feet that enables a take down heavy hit. The third allows her to throw spears that explode in the enemies and surrounding damage. In the air she can slam the ground causing area of effect damage. She also can put out a flame wall that circles her damaging all surrounding enemies and creating a small arena for you to fight enemies in.

She also can take damage from the fire as wells. And her earth magic I haven’t fully explored the support aspects of.

The games default sensitivity is actually low making it difficult to control. So, increasing it helps find the sweet spot.

As for the relationship between the two, since I don’t have the game my interpretation is at this point in the game they are still learning one another. He uses quips/slang from her world and she’s learning the messed up matriarchy of that world.

antikbaka168d ago

how...why...what? what part in this demo wasn't insufferable?

SullysCigar168d ago

Please, nobody say the lead character. That way we don't have to endure endless, unfounded accusations of racism.

MrChow666168d ago

yeah thats BS, you don't like it? then you are racist of course!...F that.
this woke morons are borderline fascists.

masterfox168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

I was so damn impressed after I start it running, battling and start using the magic powers, I literally skipped every single tutorial (I like to find things by myself :D), then used accidentally used the Dome of fire power (don't know its name) I was like WOW what the hell is going on! lol, the powers it had at the moment felt very powerful and satisfying to use and look at, and that's an effing very important part to a game gameplay. :D

Obelisk92168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

inFamous powers felt way more satisfying to use in my opinion.

And that's a game from 13 years ago...

porkChop167d ago

We really need a new Infamous.

Profchaos167d ago

Yeah agree this felt clunky in the demo I was assuming it was because the demo would be placing you at the start of the game or near to but still it took far to long to kill a basic enemy to the point where it wasn't fun.

Infamous always had you feeling like a badass even if you didn't have much of a health bar at the start of had great scaling of enemy types.

I'd even say prototype was better than the combat in forspoken

blue88168d ago

Why people getting downvoted for saying they like the game this site need grow up a bit we all have different opinions.

crazyCoconuts168d ago

Isn't down voting just a way of saying you have a different opinion?

SullysCigar168d ago

They're agrees and disagrees. As you said, we're all different.

MrChow666168d ago

people can vote theF they want

crazyCoconuts168d ago

I'm ironically down voting you

Inverno168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Because the majority has decided it isn't good. If the majority decided otherwise then they'd all be getting mad at those criticizing the demo.
Remember how most were defending this game before the demo?

Mr_Luke168d ago

Even people who say they don't like the game get the downvotes. It seems fair :P

darkrider168d ago

It's easy to understand why... Where is the game coming... Where he isn't...

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antikbaka168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Liers, it looks no better than FF15

It's just ur optimization sucks

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