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The sun has risen on an awesome new chapter in the Marvel Games saga.

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CrimsonWing69285d ago

I'm kind of addicted to it. Like right now I've sunk 10 hours in just trying general missions to make a deck and level up my team that decimates anything in the story quests.

badboyz09284d ago

Put people on. Casual turned off when they see cards.

CrimsonWing69284d ago

I like the ARD system. I really don’t understand the hate for it. Is it because of the randomness of actions?


The Best Modern Card-Based Video Games

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BrockEmSockEm75d ago

Inscryption (SPOILER)needs its own standalone from the first act. That part was so fun.

slayernz75d ago

Once you finish the game it opens up kaycees mod which focuses on act 1 gameplay...and is a blast

BrockEmSockEm68d ago

I finished the game and I must've missed that!


Marvel's Midnight Suns developer hit by layoffs

Firaxis Games says that the redundancies come as it aligns talent against its "highest priorities"

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shinoff2183116d ago

Damnit , shtty for those people. I've liked most of what I've played from them. Especially xcom. Love that to death. I still havent picked it up but it's in the plans. I personally think people were turned off due to the card based system. Despite that I've read it was good but I can't help but think it wasn't the smartest move.

Yi-Long115d ago

I think most of us just wanted X-Com but with Marvel, and they went with a card-game instead. I’m sure it’s a decent/good game, but for me personally, I never had an interest in playing a card game, and I never liked how Midnight Suns looked. I know it was based on a comic series, which is dark and has dark characters, but I’ve never been all that interested in ‘dark’ games, vampires, etc.

On top of that, I just wasn’t impressed with the character-design.

We know they can make brilliant games (X-Com 2), and they had access to one of the biggest licenses in the world, and it’s just a shame they chose a direction that just wasn’t very appealing to a lot of players.

CrimsonWing69115d ago

I think you should try it. The card game is literally just changing up your moves so you don’t spam powers and win without challenge.

There’s also no “missing” with moves.

It plays like X-Com other than that.

anast115d ago

Whoever made the decision to make a card game needs to be let go too.

Strange99115d ago

Midnight Suns missed the mark. I thought it would be great and it was a fail. So repetitive.

potatoseal115d ago

I heard the story was extremely bad on this. Bad and boring dialogue on cut scenes. I think I recall that from SkillUp's review

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Marvel's Midnight Suns deserved better than its terrible DLCs

It's a sad fact that Marvel's Midnight Suns was a commercial flop for developer Firaxis. That's despite being so good that, when it launched part way into our Game of the Year 2022 deliberations, we scrambled to make it our runner up for the top honour. Sadly, there's little chance from here of the game getting the kind of post-release support that Firaxis' XCOM games so benefited from in the years after launch.

So, all that we got and all that we're likely to ever get was the four DLC packs that were already committed to when the game first went up for preorder. These four packs each added a new superhero to the roster—Deadpool, Venom, Morbius, and Storm—as well as a handful of story missions that all followed a conflict with a new enemy faction, the Vampyres.

Glad of any excuse to return to a game I still get so much strategy fun out of, I played through all four as they were released. Every time, they found new ways to disappoint me.

shinoff2183128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Despite still wanting to get this. I'm holding out for a re release of a complete package. I would've been fine if they just skipped dlc for this game altogether and got onto some xcom 3

Off topic but about the game.
As a player of their games I'm kinda turned off of the card system. So my best guess as someone who likes their games , the masses probably were also turned off of the card system. I think it would've been fine as an xcom type of game with superheroes.

badboyz09127d ago

Marvel's Midnight Suns Legendary Edition is available for 50% off has all dlc.

shinoff2183127d ago

Physically? If so please point me in the direction.

oIMyersIo127d ago

@shinoff - in the U.K. the Legendary edition has been half price on several occasions at GAME. Just checked now and it’s still have price at present. (Physical)

toutmanifik127d ago

I thought I hated card type games but bro this game can get very addicting.

shinoff2183127d ago

O I'm open to it but seeing the game I feel it'll be my least favorite part. I'm still getting though to try

Gamehard127d ago

Ehh, I'm not a big fan of card battles either but as a marvel fan, I took a chance on the game and was very pleasantly surprised. All the characters have pretty unique abilities to make them feel authentic and the randomness of card draws keeps it fresh. I haven't played the dlc, but the base game alone is def worth playing.

GhostScholar127d ago

The card system was what turned me off. The game isn’t bad at all though.

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TheColbertinator127d ago

XCOM3 is what we demand from Firaxis.

shinoff2183127d ago

Omg I cannot wait for xcom 3. Even confirmation it's being worked on. I'd even play the chimera game that still has only made it to pc. Fun fact. I actually enjoyed xcom the bureau and that got hated on bad from what I remember. I'm hoping it'll come to ps plus but I doubt.

TheColbertinator127d ago

I liked The Bureau too but the gameplay lost the luster after a dozen missions in.

hotnickles127d ago

Agreed the bugs were atrocious