Flaw-ridden Virtual Console disappoints Wii fans

When Nintendo first announced the launch of the Nintendo Wii, one part definitely stuck out: The Virtual Console.

As the cornerstone of its online network, The Virtual Console service would allow Nintendo to sell online copies of games for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the Sega Genesis, the Super Nintendo (SNES), the Nintendo 64 (N64) and the lesser-known NEC TurboGrafx-16.

The biggest perk about the system is these games could be directly downloaded and played on the Wii. However, three months since the Wii's launch, the Virtual Console has failed to live up to its potential.

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Maddens Raiders4899d ago

the 'kid' babysitter will be relegated to the corner of the closet like the 'ol GC and 64 with a dozen or two titles by NINTENDO actually worth playing.

When will people ever learn that tricks are for kids? The low-tech approach is going to explode in Ninty's face I'm afraid. People are always looking to improve (well most people)... not go sideways. Good luck with it. C'mon Nintendo, let's graduate already.

mellowspaz4899d ago

You're an idiot. Keep your PS3 fanboy comments to yourself.

PS360WII4899d ago

the old 'I'm not doing anything right now so I'll complain about something' approach.

VC is a very lucrative business. The fact that these are straight up ports is the appeal to them. I have Street Fighter II on Live with the "suped up graphics" and I have Street Fighter II on VC which is a straight port. The only thing I notice that's different is one the live version is very fustrating (opinionated I know) but graphically what really can you do to a SNES game?

There is no good reason to boast about 'graphic upgrade' when one can't tell what they did to it. These are nes, genisis, snes ah you get the point. An upgrade well all they can do is just improve the framerate... that's it that's all they can do that the public eye will notice.

And Madden something tells me Wii is already a winner and yes with only a slight improvment in graphics. If no one else in the world bought a Wii (which we all no is not the case) Wii is still a console everyone should have. So no it's not going to blow up in there face. Nice try though, nice try

ALItheWISE4899d ago

My girl plays the VC more than anything right now. Its good for people that never got in to that and my self cuz im a huge fan of old school gaming. My little nephew who is 10 never has seen these old nintendo games and when ever he comes over he loves seeing mario back in the day. i love hearing that old sseeggaa when my chic puts on sonic. So please with all your graduating non-sence and graphics cuz super mario world is better then anything on the PS3(right now)!!!!!

cuco334899d ago

yeah i have to agree with allthewise, my girl absolutely HATES, let me repeat that HATES gaming; especially when i game wether it be pc, 360, whatever. she loves the wii, and the games i have for it (minus cod3, she doesn't like violence, probably another reason why she doesn't like my gaming) and the VC. she plays super mario just as much as the other wii titles. she will NEVER get into the next gen stuff that the ps3/360 will put out. nintendo is very smart
a lot of people who bash the wii are graphic-whores who preach everything hardcore. but there's a sense of happiness and satisfaction when u see someone who HATES gaming simply love to game (thx to 'gimmicky' mario). you will NEVER get it until u see someone u love have a change of heart. that's what nintendo goes after. i love the wii just as much as my pc just as much as my 360.

anthonsh4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

I dont come to a "news" website to hear one guys' lame opinion.

"Flaw-ridden Virtual Console disappoints Wii fans"

Speak for yourself. It is making Nintendo tons of money, and 3/4 people I know (I'm also inluding myself in the stat) who have a wii (I know 3 people with a Wii, 1 with a 360, and 0 with a PS3) have downloaded more than 4 VC games and love the service. (the other guy is too cheap to buy any VC games or even an extra controller)

I'd also like to point out that thanks to the Wii I've actually been able to play games with my girlfriend. Thank you VC games and Wii Sports. (I just wish she'd stop kicking my butt)

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