Jaffe: Gears of War 2 Versus God of War 3, PS3 Versus Wii

Kotaku: Famed Playstation developer David Jaffe may seem like an odd choice for guest developer for our in-game podcast about the Xbox 360's Gears of War 2.

We actually did invite Gears developer Cliff Bleszinski, but his handlers said he was too busy. But Jaffe certainly wasn't some sort of alternate or sub, as the head of his relatively new studio, Eat, Sleep, Play and the lead designer of God of War for the Playstation 2, Jaffe knows his stuff. He also surprised quite a few people recently when he called Gears of War 2 not only the best game of the year, but the best console game he's ever played.

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happyface4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

is this ps3 dev secretly xbox bias?????

seems very traitorous to me, I bet Sony is going to get mad at him now for saying this, he's supposed to be a loyal sony fan and say resistance and little planet are the greatest games ever

edit: i'm going to email this to sony and get jaffe in trouble for his bias comments for liking Gears 2 the best this year instead of resistance

SonySoldiers4212d ago

He also surprised quite a few people recently when he called Gears of War 2 not only the best game of the year, but the best console game he's ever played.

happyface4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

I bet he was afraid of his comments getting back to sony

I'm very concerned Sony has a rogue bias dev on their hands now, what if he's secretly supporting MS?

edit: Nathan Drake I see a comment with him saying Gears 2 is the best console game of 2008 from you - this pretty much confirms this Jaffe dev is xbox bias

you should email this proof to sony and get him fired

morganfell4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

Add this:

Originally Posted by AbortedWalrusFetus:
Just out of curiosity, what IS the best game you've ever played?

Edit: If you can make a Twisted Metal game that's as fun as Twisted Metal 2 was, I'll continue worshiping you.

Dave responded:

A BEST is kind of top X list tho- in no particular order- is:

HALF-LIFE Gears of War 1 or 2.

Apparently Sony Soldiers only chose to pay attention to the Kotaku spin.

ultimolu4212d ago


You're too funny.

Gue14212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )


whoaaa, I'm impressed by this Jaffe guy! that's what I would call really good taste.

Aclay4212d ago

"is this ps3 dev secretly xbox bias?????"

Just because Jaffe said something good about a Xbox 360 game it automatically makes him Xbox biased? Hmmmm....I don't know, maybe Jaffe is just a True Gamer and shows appreciation for many games REGARDLESS of what console/platform they are on.

QuackPot4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

Jaffe's no fanboy nor biased. He's a developer that also loves games...of a particular matter what console.

He said both Gears and Metal were the pinnacle of games this year. And the fact is both games are great. Full stop.

Remember that Gears 2 is a better version of Gears - a a great game in the first place. There's not a significant leap from 1 to 2 because they got so much right with 1 in the first place.


They should have asked Jaffe:


Why are the graphics in Gears better than Metal, Prologue or Little Big Plane? Possible bias here but only because he loved the complete balance of Gears.


Should they change the perspective for GoW3 to be like Gears 3rd Person? Since he was the Director of the original, a tighter 3rd person perspective would be truly a next gen version of GoW. His response to this question would be fascinating.


Will he ever consider developing a franchise shooter since he loves Gears so much? He'd obviously give us his own take of Gears/Metal/CoD etc which would be a truly awesome game. Also, franchise shooters are major income earners.


Since he has a Wii, what's his feeling about the future of controllers - the wiimote/nunchucks or not - with more interactive gameplay and for shooters. Pros/cons.

C'mon guys, you have opportunity to interview talented developers like Jaffe and you ask the same lame sort of questions.

Oner4212d ago

Wow Jaffe knows his games...Out of this World & Flashback are ABSOLUTELY awesome games that I could never get enough of on my Genesis & SNES. Classic. Seriously classic titles right there. Hope they do a 3rd one but by todays standards! Every time I see some website having a contest of something along the lines of "Name your NextGen title" I always post those 2 first...Jaffe, make it happen.

Bnet3434212d ago

Nice, he liked Gears 2. It's a good game.

Rock Bottom4212d ago

Haha, now that's what I call a nice list, the guy know what to play, also, I've played them all. :D

Blademask4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

Yet, Kotaku isn't correcting their end. LOLZ. 'buh buh theres no muh muh media bias'

At this point, they are just writing whatever they want, based off of absolutely nothing.

SaberEdge4212d ago

At least Jaffe has good taste (not to mention being an awesome game developer), Gears of War 2 is an amazing game.

People who say that is only a small improvement over the first one simply don't know what they are talking about. Gears 2 is so much better than the first one in nearly every way. The graphics are better, the gameplay is better, the narrative is better, the achievement system is better (in fact, the best implemented achievement system I have ever seen). I love Gears 2, just like Jaffe does.

Bathyj4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

God, this is why I wouldn't break in traffic for you Xbrats. Look at you jumpimg on this like a fly on a turd.

It might surprise you that most of us a gamers and have no problem giving credit to a "competitors" game. GROW THE F*K UP!

Its OK for a Sony Dev to like an Xbox game because Sony want free thinking artists, not mindless shill robots that run on Windows. I guess thats why Shane Kim and Greenberg tall so much crap, they keep bluescreening.

And someone show me a link where he said it was the best game. He said it had the best graphics, which I dont agree with but still respect his right to his own opinion.

I was hoping things might be different this year, I dont know why, I was just hoping.

Wasn't the animation in Flaskback incredible for its time. It still holds up well. I almost want to dig it out of the cupboard but I have to much else to play right now.

Adversary4211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

He and 1 other guy run "Eat. Sleep. Play." Jaffe hasn't worked directly for Sony in years.

Edit: Also, you're an idiot.

ape0074211d ago (Edited 4211d ago )

is simply amazing

pure awesomeness

any gamer must play it

throw your fanboyism away

gears 2,R2,mgs4,sr2,gta4,,bioshock(h ave both versions)uncharted,cod:waw,war hawk and soon..........KILLZONE 2

they are all my games,my consoles,I love them,can't live without ps3 or 360,I enjoy them all,fanboys are losers and they lose so much awesome games,can't get it

that's it,there's no way anyone can spin that

Graphics Whore4211d ago




KOTAKU: We like to spin for fun anyway.

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The Judderman4212d ago

Thing is he's probably right.

happyface4212d ago

wtf is wrong with you

Jaffe is a sony dev, he's supposed to support sony exclusives and say resistance is the best game of 2008 (or little planet)

Gue14212d ago

We already have a lot of biased people on the industry, it is kinda cool to finally hear an honest opinion that's not a fanboy or simply more BS from people that know heck about video games.

The Judderman4212d ago

Maybe hes just being honest.

happyface4212d ago

screw honesty

if your a real sony fan its your duty to hype up all your exclusives and say they're all game of the year

jaffe should be talking about KILLZONE 2 and not giving free publicity to MS by saying Gears 2 is the greatest

thebudgetgamer4212d ago

and what does that mean if you are a real sony fan? so if you are a sony fan you have to hate all things 360?


Gamingisfornerds4212d ago

Happyface is being extremely sarcastic here. Obviously is taking a spin on the typical Sony fanboy here on N4G.

As for Jaffe's comments. Who really cares. I know I loved Gears2 and I don't need any confirmation from good ole Jaffe.

SaberEdge4212d ago

Same here. Gears 2 was one of the best gaming experience I have ever had. But it is nice to see that other people are enjoying it as well. Especially developers as talented as Jaffe.

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tplarkin74212d ago

David Jaffe's opinion is worthless. What's he working on now? Calling all Cars 2?

doG_beLIEfs4212d ago

He is working on several projects, one of them you might have heard about......TWISTED METAL.

tplarkin74212d ago

Twisted Metal is a port of a PSP to the PS2. Why did Jaffe "quit" working on God of War? (My guess is that he is a lazy guy that had very little to do with actual work on GoW. So the team let him go.)

Marceles4212d ago

He left Sony to start his own company in which he signed a multi-year deal with Sony to make games exclusively for Playstation. He's still working for Sony he just has his own studio now...kinda like the Mistwalker deal with Microsoft Game Studios. You do know Twisted Metal started on PS1 right?

EastCoastSB4212d ago

I didn't know that the PSP was around with the launch of the PS1...when Twisted Metal first came out.

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Eiffel4212d ago

Why is it always the two below?

Gears of War 2 vs Everything.

Gears of War 2 vs a game not even in the same genre.

Seriously..what the fu*k.