PlayStation Store: November 2022’s top downloads

God of War Ragnarök and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II headline last month’s charts.

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LucasRuinedChildhood101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

The games in these sales lists are filled with a lot of single player games. That's nice to see because ... it's not always that way.

It Takes Two is also at No.9 in the EU on PS5 - that's great.

Nice to see TLOU2 at No.4 on PS4 (both regions). I'd like a native version before Factions. A lot of people are playing the remake with nice Dualsense features and then jumping into TLOU2 which is missing those. They should fix that - ideally before the TV show, tbh (The Witcher 3 got a huge boost from the Netflix series).

JEECE100d ago

I would like a native version of TLOU 2 for PS5, but it just isn't worth the amount of whining it would cause.