How God Of War Can Change Its Gameplay (Again)

The recent release of God of War Ragnarok spells the end of the series' Norse saga, and the franchise's next installment might mark another big change in gameplay. Santa Monica Studios' mythological action series began in the realm of Greek mythology before jumping into Norse myth in 2018. Each God of War era sees Kratos face off with a new pantheon of deities, with the Norse era introducing his son Atreus as a deuteragonist. With a new stage of the series approaching, the series' action-packed gameplay is due for a fresh upgrade.

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Brazz108d ago

No need to change gameplay, game is fu#@$ great as It is...

goldwyncq108d ago

I'm sure you won't be saying that after three more games of the same style as the Norse games. There's a reason why GoW 2018 abandoned the old style you know?

Brazz108d ago

Well, i play Soulsborne sice og Demon's souls and for +10 years i fucking love all games. Imho, GoW Just need envolve this base gameplay, the game is amazing as It is, i would play on "similar" and evolved gameplay for +10 years on egypt, Mesopotamia, Inca, Aztec, Japan, ireland... Just give me more god slaying games.

TheKingKratos108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Don't change it...improve upon it

With ps5 power they can smooth the gameplay even more ... The gameplay was too damn epic to let go this fast

108d ago
Demetrius108d ago

I’m surprised that we can’t jump tho lol still doesn’t take away how amazing the game is