Crime Boss: Rockay City - 6 minutes of gameplay

505 Games, and developer INGAME STUDIOS, in conjunction with Epic Games revealed Crime Boss: Rockay City, a star-studded co-op organised crime game FPS set i...

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Crows9054d ago

Essentially another payday

bunt-custardly54d ago

Was going to say the same thing. Very similar at least.

abstractel54d ago

Hmm, cool talent. Curious how they got them all on board, and why 505 Games have such confidence in INGAME Studios. They are located in the Czech Republic and haven't put out a game as far as I can see. Fairly small studio at 70 people. Sure the cast isn't in its prime but it's a pretty decent cast. Could be very limited appearances... Still, I imagine they don't come that cheap. This video makes the game look ok but nothing mind-blowing. Just first impressions though. Plus released date in March?! I have a feeling it'll get delayed.

RaidenBlack54d ago

I did like the unique reveal trailer ... will keep an eye on this one.
still far interesting than a another 'half-arsed' battle-royale/souls copy ... (sorry souls-fans and yes i am looking forward to Lords of Fallen/Remnant II/AC VI)

GamingSinceForever54d ago

Here we are going into 2023 and you still have games telling you step by step instructions through a walkie-talkie.

Also what was the point in going in stealth when the plan was to blow the vault and get into a shootout with armored guards.

This game is trash.

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