Riot Games suing NetEase over Valorant ‘copy’

From Polygon: "Riot Games is suing publisher NetEase over the Chinese company’s Hyper Front, a five-on-five mobile shooter that Riot alleges is a Valorant clone. It’s also bringing the case to courts in the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, and Singapore, Riot Games lawyer Dan Nabel told Polygon. The lawsuits vary slightly in each country, based on their respective copyright laws, but the thrust of the issue is the same — that Hyper Front is a “copy of substantial parts of Valorant,” as Riot’s lawyers claim in their U.K. filing.

Hyper Front, like Valorant, is a free-to-play first-person shooter where teams of five play against each other in a number of different modes. Riot Games released Valorant in 2020 on Windows PC, and it’s currently working on a mobile version, announced in 2021. As of that year, Valorant averaged more than 14 million players per month.

Hyper Front was released in 2022 on Android and iOS. Player data for Hyper Front is not available, though it’s listed on the Google Play Store as having more than 1 million downloads and more than 48,000 reviews. It’s not currently available to play in the U.S., where Riot Games is headquartered. Riot lays out a number of similarities between the two games in its U.K. lawsuit — characters, maps, weapons, weapon skins, and charms, even going as far as comparing weapon stats. The studio claims in the lawsuit that NetEase did modify Hyper Front slightly after Riot’s first complaints, as demonstrated in the images below. Still, Riot says the copyright infringement goes beyond just that."

GoodGuy09534d ago

I remember there being tons of pubg and fortnite clones on mobile as well lol.

lodossrage533d ago

I know I probably shouldn't say this. But it's funny to see a Chinese company having the audacity to press a lawsuit for copying.

They've made a copy of just about every videogame system and movie that was popular.

TheLigX533d ago

These lawsuits are so so so so stupid. If they ever had a chance in hell of winning, that would be the end of companies having different takes on the same genre.


Is 2K Games actually making FIFA 25, the next “best” entry yet?

FIFA president Gianni Infantino teases the future of FIFA games in a brand-new interview, and NBA 2K24 studio 2K Games might be behind it.

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Cacabunga5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

I truly hope so.. day one buy

Ninver4h ago

Time for a change. Football games haven't evolved much.

Cacabunga3h ago

It’s tough when there is no competition

anast2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

The barber shop and roulette wheel are going to be awesome.

CrimsonWing692h ago(Edited 2h ago)

It’ll be monetized to all hell, regardless

StormSnooper1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Hmmm, let’s see how they do. If they riddle it with microtransactions, hell no. Otherwise, I’m excited.


Sorry George Miller, but you’re wrong about the Mad Max game

George Miller expressed dismay toward the 2015 Mad Max game recently, but Avalanche Studios' take on the lore is still so good to this day.

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lelo2play20h ago

Mad Max is a good game... George Miller should STFU.

-Foxtrot15h ago

I think the funny thing is if Kojima made a Mad Max game it would be so trippy and "out there" I don't think it would feel like Mad Max by the time he's done with it. This is why he's better off with original new IPs.

Kojima seems like a buzz word these film directors use because he's probably the only big name they've heard from the gaming industry.

Wretchedstain10h ago

Article is correct in my opinion, Miller is wrong. That Death Stranding II trailer is bonkers, looking forward to that in itself.

And I agree, unless Mr Kojima wants to change his tune, or laughably, be told what to do, you're right, it wouldn't be Mad Max or close.

porkChop9h ago

Yup, Kojima really doesn't suit Mad Max. Avalanche did a great job though. It looked, felt, and played like what I'd expect from a Mad Max game. I really enjoyed my time with it, and the sand storms were handled incredibly well.

TheGamingHounds9h ago

I never played it but the recent buzz around Mad Max has piqued my interest. Will check it out this year for sure

maelstromb8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

MM is not a perfect game by any means as it was held back by lots of repetitious, standard open-world copy and paste missions, but the devs SO perfectly captured the world, atmosphere, lore and brutality. It also just so happens to boast one of THE best photo modes out there and some of the most impressive explosions I've ever seen in a game to date. The car combat is of course another impressive standout, both vicious and fun. MM is a game which I have revisited multiple times since its release, and now having just seen Furiosa, I can feel it calling me back again.

There's a ton to love there, but I think you'll pickup on the areas where the devs struggled likely due to reigning in the scope, budget and time constraints, leading to an incredibly fun, albeit uneven experience. Though, as mentioned, it's absolutely a game worth experiencing once, and I truly hope you enjoy it. The game really does deserve a sequel.

victorMaje7h ago

Word for word. Exactly this. A lot of fun to be had in there. A true Mad Max game. Sequel can’t come soon enough.

maelstromb8h ago

Honestly, Kojima would do the game justice, but given his studio's current workload, it's a bit far flung. I could much rather see Bend Studios (Days Gone dev) doing a Mad Max follow-up. I'm playing through DG right now for the first time and I see lots of similarities between the games to where imo Bend could develop an impressive MM sequel.

VersusDMC8h ago

While i like the Mad Max game and think it's underrated...i don't know why people are mad at George Miller for not liking the game based on the IP he created. Especially since a lot of people hated it at release as well looking at that 69% metacritic.

-Foxtrot3h ago

I think the issue is the studio was told by higher ups and most likely himself to make something linear yet when they got a first look at it they didn’t like it and wanted something open world

The head guy was basically like “you’ve just hired an open world dev and forced them to do a linear game yet now you want open world which has just wasted a year of development which we could have done from the start”

I think that’s why people are p****** because of the context the lead dev at Avalanche has given us.

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