Konami feels the ‘winds of change,’ as Silent Hill is just the beginning

Konami has been through a strong internal restructuring over the last ten years or so, with the publisher often looking less and less interested in gaming. That’s been painful for many fans around the world, as they’ve been with Konami for the better part of their childhoods, or spent dozens of hours on PS1 masterpieces such as Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid.

Now that eFootball is finally leaving behind its troubled kick-off, and that the pandemic has convinced Konami that gaming could still be a viable business, people can clearly see winds of change at the Japanese publisher.

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CrimsonWing69105d ago

Let’s hope so. I really want Silent Hill 2 Remake to be good and if it is, I’m hoping Konami can make a come back. They have such great franchises under their umbrellas.

Nyxus105d ago

Bring back Metal Gear (at the very least port the games to current gen systems).

Chocoburger105d ago

I don't trust them with a new game, except for maybe AC!D 3 (which I would love to see get made). I've put in a lot of hours into MG Survive, and while I enjoyed the online CO-OP, the single player campaign is one of the worst in recent gaming history (no hyperbole). A complete embarrassment especially with the fact that they had the top-tier Fox Engine to work with. Its like they went out of their way to make the worst, most boring, redundant filler campaign they possibly could.

In regards to ports, sure. MGS 4 needs it the most, a 60 FPS version of that (outside of emulation), would be great. But that game is packed with so much licensing, I don't know if Konami would attempt to bother porting it.

If Konami wants to make a new game, it needs to be a reboot, leave the current story alone, and start fresh. Don't make the game world too big, don't need or want it to be open-world, instead have it take place on a small island. No grinding, no equipment upgrading, no skill tree, no endlessly scouring for the same resources that spawn in the same spots on the game. No micro-trash-actions.

Is it truly too much to ask for a game that simply wants to be a focused single player adventure? A game that once it runs out of new ideas, knows that its time to wrap up? The entire industry is trending away from the quality of gaming's past.

Einhander1971105d ago

Konami have an amazing back catalogue of arcade and console games that are screaming out for reboots. Hopefully they might be waking up at last.

jznrpg105d ago

Give me some 2D Castlevania , MGS collection PS5 to start. They have a lot of good IP that’s been dormant . Hopefully Silent Hill remake turns out well but I wish they get started out with the first game ? Maybe it could be next who knows