Game Awards Attendee Arrested After Jumping on Stage to Shout Out Bill Clinton

Authorities arrest an unknown individual after they interrupt The Game Awards 2022's Game of the Year awards ceremony to nominate Bill Clinton.

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darthv7260d ago

I had to run it back a few times to catch that. I was like... WTF. First the rockin flute guy and then Bill Clinton closing out the show.

Best awards ever!

blackblades60d ago

It was funny, now I'm thinking about the security was bad. Being end of 2022 these days something bad couldve happened

coolbeans60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

The Game Awards was invaded by a dark spirit while presenting Elden Ring with GOTY. Art imitates life.

jambola60d ago

I was watching like "kid looks weird and out of place but I don't wanna be mean"

Eidolon60d ago

He will forever be remembered. LEGEND

Christopher59d ago

Far from. He is taking someone else's moment and making it all about him. Disrespectful, childish, and narcissistic.

Crows9059d ago

Just childish. Wouldn't give that much credit.

Christopher59d ago

@Crows90: He's done plenty of interviews about it. He definitely wanted attention from this.

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The story is too old to be commented.