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Behemoth - Cinematic Reveal Trailer


Phoenix76538d ago

Could be good. Will need to see gameplay though.

RauLeCreuset538d ago

That's where I'm at. It's reminding me of Skyrim VR, but that's a lofty comparison. I need to see gameplay, but it's now on my radar.

Phoenix76538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

skyrim, yeah, although the end scene gave me Shadow of the Colossus vibes

ApocalypseShadow538d ago

PS VR 2 is going to get so many games. That's awesome.

Abnor_Mal538d ago

Looks interesting, didn’t they say that this is also coming to the Quest?

DaleCooper538d ago

Yes. As much as I like the Quest, I wonder how much it will hold back the PSVR2 version - hopefully not much, but I'd love to see some gameplay soon.

Babadook7538d ago

I didn’t notice the ps vr2 at the end. Interesting.

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jznrpg234d ago

It sounds like a mashup of SoTC and Dark Souls in VR. If it even comes close to those games I’m in.


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Abnor_Mal481d ago

Out of the list of games provided Lo-Fi looks the most interesting to me. It has a retro-futuristic look. I would have liked to see more gameplay, but what was there piqued my interest that I will be looking for more information about the game.

Aliens VR a shooter in that universe is something I’d love to play, unfortunately no video. Hopefully there’ll be something to show soon.

Behemoth, for some reason puts me in the mind of a first person Shadow of the Colossus, shame there wasn’t any real gameplay.

Firewall Ultra looks great, I never really got a chance to fully get into the first game due to the hit and miss tracking of the PSVR camera.

I see myself this generation spending more money on PSVR2 games rather than flat PS5 games and I’m okay with that.

Neonridr480d ago

Lo-Fi definitely has that Blade Runner feel to it.

Abnor_Mal480d ago

That’s the name of the movie but couldn’t remember at the time, and definitely didn’t want to say it has a cyberpunk look to it.

HeartJoy235d ago

I completely understand. Firewall Ultra looks great though and I'm sure it will be a much better experience!

481d ago Replies(1)
883481d ago

Lo-Fi definitely looks really interesting. I would actually *really* love to see room scale (which PSVR2 can nicely allow with a the 15 foot tiny cable and self contained tracking - nevermind how the eye tracking could be used here) versions of games *like* Lucas Arts' Monkey Island (series) and original Sierra type (King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry) games. I believe these types of games would have endless potential/life in VR and were unwittingly made to be the absolute perfect fit for VR exploration and immersion. So many different worlds/eras/stories to enter. There is just so much that can be done, and this is a genre of game that I can see myself in love with for decades and decades due to VR arriving at this level/accessibility. While I like a lot of them, I hope developers do not feel forced to make all things VR about "thrill" experiences.