Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising PS5 Review – Mr. Miyagi Would Be Disappointed - The Koalition

Danny Martinez of The Koalition writes: The original Karate Kid was released the same year that I was born. I grew up on this series (including The Next Karate Kid). When Cobra Kai on Netflix was released, I was petrified that another childhood franchise would be crushed by more lazy writers using a known name just to boost viewership. Later, I was relieved by how amazing the show has been while still giving appropriate fan service.

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WayTooManyGames' Top 20 Worst Games of 2022

WTMG's Leo Faria: "You know what? I’m not even mad this time around. I’ve stated already that 2022 was actually a pretty good year for gaming. It was stupidly hard removing so many excellent games from out Top 20 list, to the point we had an entire 20-game list of honorable mentions alone. Likewise, we didn’t review such a huge number of bad games this year. It’s not that we weren’t reviewing enough games (have you read the site’s name?), there just weren’t that many stinkers in this otherwise fantastic year.

But boy oh boy, when something bad knocked at our door, it was bad. It was really B to the A to the freaking D. It’s time for our team to bury these games once and for all. We present you, the twenty worst games we’ve reviewed in 2022."

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Orchard571d ago

Lol, I like this idea of an anti GOTY award :p

And my god, there are some terrible entries there.

Knushwood Butt571d ago

Kirby’s Dream Buffet

Good to see Nintendo isn't above well deserved criticism.

darthv72570d ago

I dont know if Gun Grave deserves to be in the same mix as the others on the list. Its rather safe but it has its charm. As a fan of the originals, I can dig it. Im not seeing it as something revolutionary but evolutionary, hence why I said safe (as in it didnt take many risks to stray from the source). Its okay, but nowhere near being on the list of worst.


Review - Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising (PS4) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Aaron Price: "Why fix what isn’t broken? For some reason, Cobra Kai 2 decided to go off in a whole new direction from the original game, which was on form and simply just needed a touch of polish. Instead, here we are with something that is so out of left field, and so horrifically broken, that playing it felt more like a chore than a hobby. Hopefully, if a third game ever comes to fruition somehow, I hope there is a long, hard look at what that game should be, and maybe just a touch of quality assurance."

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HeliosHex573d ago

Lol money grab. No love went into the making of this game.

YourMommySpoils572d ago

Someone needs to speak to Daniel Son and tell him Johnny is not the best game developer, Johnny must remain number 1 in show only. .


Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising Review | Gaming Nexus

Nathan writes, "100% unacceptable. Glitches and game breaking bugs left and right. This game should have never been allowed to be released in this state. It's a shame really, because while the first game wasn't amazing, it was decent for what it was. Cobra Kai 2 is a complete failure at almost every level. Stay far far far away from this game. "

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Kombatologist593d ago

I mean, that excerpt pretty much says it all. Thanks for saving me a click. 😂