PlayStation Plus Not Required for Online Multiplayer on PS4 & PS5 This Weekend

If you’re not a PS Plus subscriber and fancy a taste of online multiplayer on your PS5 and PS4, then Sony is removing the restriction this weekend. From 10th December through 11th December, everyone will be able to play online, at no extra cost. Of course, the paywall will be reintroduced once the temporary promotion has elapsed.

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blackblades103d ago

Meh, overwatch all day every day f2p no sub or pity weekend needed

XiNatsuDragnel102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

I wish this permanent:(

DaCajun102d ago

Good old PS3 days of free PS online.

Smellsforfree102d ago

Agreed. These services don't need online features anymore to still sell. I mostly have Plus Essentials for the cloud saves, tbh.

JL2930102d ago

You know how much value you get? You're lucky they don't charge 50 a month.