The Game Awards 2022 winners announced

The full list of winners for The Game Awards 2022 is now available, including Game of the Year.

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-Foxtrot560d ago

It was either going to be God of War Ragnarok or Elden Ring and honestly with how amazing both games are I didn't mind who won either way. However with God of War being on a streak during the awards show I had bet on Elden Ring getting it in the end.

darthv72560d ago

Id say the real winner was that flute guy. He was really getting into it on stage.

tay8701560d ago

lol me and my son were cracking up at that dude. i swore he busted out like 5 different instruments.

CrimsonWing69560d ago

Dude was exorcising a demon out of that flute!

Crows90560d ago


I knew it. I was like is that the same dude?!?!
Howd he transition so damn fast.

blackblades560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

Lol that's what I saying, I was like that guy hype as F*

559d ago
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notachance560d ago

Yeah, been having amazing times with both games I'd say it's deserved either way. I'm leaning towards Elden Ring more though because GoWR being as good as it is, just more of the same game as 2018's GoW.

It's a bit sad for the other GotY nominees though like plague tale and xenoblade, both are also amazing games but they're unlucky to be released in the same year with ER and GoWR. Wish they got more recognition so more people will play it.

ClayRules2012560d ago

Yeah, Plagues Tale didn’t have a chance. But at the end of the day, as long as fans of those games really enjoyed and loved that, and Xenoblade, I’d say that’s a win in the end.

Plagues Tale Requiem is an amazing game, and great sequel. Not my game of the year, not just because God of War Ragnarok released and blew my mind, but also did Horizon: Forbidden West. Nonetheless, Plagues Tale was remarkable in its storytelling, characters etc. it’s gameplay was a nice and fun improvement and overall a sequel done right.

Never played Xenoblade, so I can’t comment on that games quality haha.

I’m glad you loved Elden Ring as much as you did! God of War Ragnarok is similar to 2018, but oh so polished, to perfection, with some additions to make an already incredible package all the more impressive. I still can’t get its last few mins outta my head😢

-Foxtrot560d ago

Oh yeah totally

I think the only award I was against was the Players choice

Usually the Players Choice awards are spot on but Genshin Impact…I mean really

shinoff2183560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

Gow of war being more of the same shouldn't even be an issue. If a great game comes out with another one and it's more of the same. My first thought is f yea. That's what I want. I haven't played gow but I have tried elden ring. It was open world demon souls type game. Nothing groundbreaking. It wasn't for me though. Not cause the difficulty but just the atmosphere. I'm sure I should give it a second chance and only played for about 10 hours.

With that said if the elden ring devs ever come out with a futuristic Sci fi type game or apocalypse type game im all fing in

SurgicalMenace559d ago

The more of the same argument is so tired, being that GoW is a continuation of its predecessor. How much were you expecting it to change when the formula was just introduced one game ago? This argument is conveniently absent in examples like GTA, COD, Gears, Halo, and the like while diligently being pressed concerning GoW. It would seem that there are individuals blind to everything outside of traversal in Elden to see how it played even worse than Fromsoftware's other offerings. Typical

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Zhipp559d ago

That complaint is levied against cod all the time so idk what you mean there. Gears gets it even more than CoD. Halo got it too but then they actually screwed with the formula and the fans hated it. GTA has never been more of the same. The games take forever to make and each offers major expansions to the gameplay.

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Rynxie560d ago

People still watch that clown show? I haven't seen a vga since maybe the PS3 days. Seriously, just looking at that list made me laugh. Who takes that show serious?

Sgt_Slaughter560d ago

The show is mostly for the World Premieres, it's like a mini-E3 with awards sprinkled in. The VGA's are much different compared to the first few.

blackblades560d ago

Lol who cares it way better these days

Bobertt560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

Gotta give a shout out to my rabbi Bill Clinton tho. The kid who crashed it at the end was funny everyone was like who is this kid with and then he just says some random shit.

ClayRules2012560d ago

So, was he even with the team of dev’s or no? Lol.

-Foxtrot560d ago

Apparently he’s been arrested now

Bobertt560d ago

@ClayRules2012 I would have to watch it back but i believe he tags along with the Elden Ring devs when they are walking up for the award and the devs didn't notice so security just thought he was one of them until he starts talking and the Elden Ring devs looked over to security confused about who this kid was.

blackblades560d ago

Seriously though who was he anyways, cause i was like WTF

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Army_of_Darkness560d ago

Damn. I was rooting for Horizon forbidden West to bring home game of the year... I thoroughly enjoyed it, so in my heart it's my game of the year👌🙌

mkis007559d ago

Can't wait for the dlc and 3

Sonic1881560d ago

Why was Phil Spencer there? He didn't announce anything from Microsoft 🤔

dumahim559d ago

I don't even think he did anything.

Silver-Noise-X559d ago

To watch samsung+gamepass ads. Pathetic

559d ago
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Ezio2048560d ago

I knew Elden Ring would win. It happened exactly the same way as 2018. RDR2 won more technical awards but since GoW was a groundbreaking reinvention, it took Goty.

This year the same thing happened with Elden Ring.

Whenever there are 2 legendary games, the one which is more groundbreaking for its genre always takes the crown.

Both deserved it nevertheless.

alb1899560d ago

Both are incredible games but the one that deserves it is the one who won it.

roadkillers560d ago

Idk, I love god of war (look at my avatar from 2006)… but I was happy to see an original IP win.